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At any other time or place I would have sworn that I knew the tall, slender figure, the imperial poise of the head, the peculiarly graceful gait, swift but not hurried. I inwardly jeered at myself for my idiocy. My mind was so full of Anne Pendennis that I must imagine every tall, graceful woman was she!

And being full of fun, they turned it over with great sticks, saying to it, "Now let us run a race!" Then it rolled downhill till it stopped at the foot, they rushing along by it all the time. And when it rested they jeered it, and bade it race with them again, when it so listed.

Bobby, a little stiffly at first, for he could not understand fighting without animosity, showed them how it worked. "Let me try her," urged Johnnie. But Bobby would not until he had asked his mother, for permission to shoot had been obtained only at expense of a very solemn promise. "Fraidy!" jeered Johnnie, "tied to his mammy's apron-strings!" Bobby flushed deeply, but stood his ground.

Look here, Mavovo," and he opened his hand in which was a horn snuff-box such as Zulus sometimes carry in their ears. "To whom does this belong?" "It is mine," said Mavovo, "and you have stolen it." "Yes," jeered Hans, "it is yours. Also I stole it from your ear as I passed you in the dark. Don't you remember that you thought a gnat had tickled you and hit up at your face?"

Punch is peculiarly the representative of this class and of all English prejudices, and Punch jeered at him now in prose, now in verse, week after week. "But I've 'Impressions. These are grand! Mere dabs of words, mere blobs of tint, Displayed on canvas or in print, Men laud, and think they understand. "A smudge of brown, a smear of yellow, No tale, no subject, there you are!

A few, even at that, shifted to one side, but a half dozen larger boys pressed in more closely, baiting him on. They had not seen in his eyes what the others saw. "I'm in a hurry," he said. "Let me through." Some of the crowd laughed; some jeered. All of them waited expectantly. Wilson took a short, quick breath. His frame stiffened, and then without a word he hurled himself forward.

They jeered at the divisions among the English and believed their own unity so strong that they could master the colonies one by one.

She had been abused and mocked and jeered at by many, while others had regarded her action with an amused smile or else with a cold indifference.

The Royalists jeered at this ridiculous king, the first who had ever shed blood with the object of healing. For the grievances against Louis Philippe, there is one deduction to be made; there is that which accuses royalty, that which accuses the reign, that which accuses the King; three columns which all give different totals.

"Where you headin'?" "To Red Rock." "Railroad out of business?" jeered the outlaw. "Far as the Circle L is concerned, it is, Antrim," smiled Blackburn. "We had a fuss, an' quit 'em." The outlaw peered intently at the other. Then he grinned. "It's Andy Blackburn!" he said. "Glad to meet you, Blackburn.