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"Precious or not, they must stay where they are till the shot-holes are plugged, unless you choose to carry them yourselves." "Oh, sacrilegious heretic, we will be revenged on you some day," muttered one of the priests, while the other hurled some curses at Nigel's head, to which he did not stop to listen, remembering the proverb that "Curses, like birds, go home to roost at night."

Callimachus then adopted the following stratagem: he ran forward two or three paces from the tree under which he was sheltered, and when the stones began to be hurled, hastily drew back; and at each of his sallies more than ten cartloads of stones were spent.

Is it wished I send some of the throwing-fire down yonder, on the chance that it does some harm, and at the same time lights up the place? Or is it willed that we wait for their surprise?" "Send the fire," I said, "or we may find that Phorenice's brain has been one too many for us." The captain of the gate took one of the balls in his hand, lit the fuse, and hurled it.

The thickets were very dense and suddenly the warning of Tododaho came. He sprang back as quick as lightning, and doubtless he would have escaped had it not been for his wounded shoulder. He hurled off the first warrior who threw himself upon him, slipped from the grasp of a second, but was unable to move when the mighty Tandakora and another seized him by the shoulders.

The brutal ones hurled curses at him, and when he rebuked them gently they replied with insults, and he was content to bless them. A little table, a stool, a bed made of dead leaves and three earthen bowls were all he possessed. Two holes in the wall served as windows.

Now the face of Girty was just before him, and the shouting of the Indians was so loud that he could not but hear. He saw Girty raise his club, and, quick as lightning, Henry, turning off at a right angle, hurled himself directly at Girty, passed within the circle of the falling club, seized the renegade's arm, and wrenched his weapon from his grasp.

There must have been some mention in it of the tremendous combat with wet sponges I saw there one day between two of the boys who hurled them back and forth at each other. This amiable fray, carried on during the foreman's absence, forced upon my notice for the first time the boy who has come to be a name well-known in literature.

Therefore, all night long while reenforcements were steadily arriving, he developed his plans for assuming the offensive, and at break of day his troops hurled themselves against the opposing lines with dauntless energy. Meanwhile the Confederates had sustained an irreparable loss, for Albert Sidney Johnston, their brilliant leader, had fallen.

It was as though he were a dozing fox-terrier, and the voice of his master had whispered in his ear: "Sick'em!" For a moment, with benign reproach, the Second Secretary regarded the unhappy page, and then addressed him with laborious sarcasm. "James," he said, "people do not communicate with ambassadors in notes wrapped around half-crowns and hurled from windows.

From this flame they lighted a large number of combustibles, which they hurled amongst us and through the upper windows. I thought our time was come, but my men were very active, and we kept our ground. The young man with the pistol came to me and asked if he should fire.