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He hates you because you wouldn't marry him and he is t-t-tenaciously resolved to be revenged. He is on the lookout for anything that might d-d-discredit you. He hoped to spy on an interview b-b-between you and Almo, for he surmised that you would arrange to have Almo meet you in the empty house!" "The nasty beast!" cried Brinnaria, shocked. "How dare he?"

The pope, however, was still disposed to favour him; and Frederic of Holstein, who had mounted the throne in his stead, revenged himself, by following the example of Gustavus Vasa.

He recovered himself with an effort, and revenged himself only by omitting to invite the Marshal, who was now trembling in his shoes, to join his riding-party. The circle broke up amid some excitement.

His efforts at self-destruction were, however, prevented. "Try fifty pounds more," said Jonathan. "Stop!" groaned Blueskin. "Will you plead?" demanded Wild, harshly. "I will," answered the prisoner. "Release him," said Jonathan. "We have cured his obstinacy, you perceive," he added to Marvel. "I will live," cried Blueskin, with a look of the deadliest hatred at Wild, "to be revenged on you."

"Frank Price deserved no punishment." "That is for me to decide. When you dared to be impudent to me on my own deck, I swore to be revenged, and the time has come sooner than I anticipated." "Captain Haley," said Robert, "in all that I have done I have tried to do right. If I have done wrong, it was because I erred in judgment.

"Unless he escapes between this and then," objected the last remaining partisans of the adventurer. "Impossible! Every outlet is watched." "Unless he has succumbed to his wounds, then," said the partisans, who would have preferred their hero's death to his capture. And the retort was immediate: "Nonsense! If Lupin were dead, his confederates would know it by now, and Lupin would be revenged.

"Scott has foiled me!" and the outwitted tyrant-libertine swore the most terrible oaths, that he would be revenged. "Off," he said to his confidant. "You must scour Red River over to find these fugitives. Wherever you see the girl, seize her, and bring her hither. The people must all know that she is a spy, and leagued with our most deadly enemies to thwart our cause.

He deposed that he knew the pedlar, Byres, and that being anxious to prevent poaching, he had offered him a good sum if he would assist him in convicting any poacher; that Byres had then confessed to him that he had often received game from Rushbrook, the father of the boy, and still continued to do so, but Rushbrook had treated him ill, and he was determined to be revenged upon him, and get him sent out of the country; that Byres had informed him on the Saturday night before the murder was committed, that Rushbrook was to be out on Monday night to procure game for him, and that if he looked out sharp he was certain to be taken.

The sight of their poor mangled comrade so enraged them, as before, that they swore to one another that they would be revenged, and that not an Indian that came into their hands should have any quarter; and to work they went immediately, and yet not so madly as might be expected from the rage and fury they were in.

His bloodshot eyes he did not wear spectacles in those days rolled in their sockets; and he kept on saying, 'I shall be revenged ... I shall be revenged... Oh, you don't know what I am capable of!... I shall wait ten years, twenty years, if necessary... But it will come like a thunderbolt... Ah, you don't know!... To be revenged... To do harm... for harm's sake... what joy!

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