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"And that means whatever you want to say to me, must be said at once, and the sooner the better," said Miss Bethia, as she took Mrs Inglis's heavy crape bonnet and laid it carefully in one of the deep drawers of the bureau in her room. "I haven't the least doubt but I know what he ought to say, and what she ought to say, better than they know themselves. But that's nothing.

He had no sooner declared himself, than Catinat the French general entered his territories at the head of eighteen thousand men, and defeated him in a pitched battle near Saluces, which immediately surrendered to the conqueror.

Pollard, with the briefest sign of hesitation, went out of the room and to the front door. No sooner had he gone than the girl, her face flushed, her eyes brilliant with the excitement in them, snatched the paper from the bosom of her dress and, tiptoeing to King, forced it into his big hand. Not a word did she speak, not so much as a whisper.

"I meant you no harm, but I was very anxious." "Well, I don't know; I am afraid I will be left when I get the ring and hand it over, so I guess I'll " "What?" Wat edged a little farther away. "I guess I'll throw up the job," he hesitated. "Do you still think you can find a way to get the ring?" "Think so! I know I can get it, sooner or later, if I want to."

When it was noon the shekh again desired his pupil to knock at another door, and order dinner to be brought in. He had no sooner done so, than immediately a hundred slaves, different from the former, entered, bearing trays of the richest viands.

He was abiding by the offer which he had made, although the offer had been scornfully rejected. If he could by any means avoid it, he was determined not to move while Lady Tristram lived. Harry might force him to act sooner; that rested with Harry, not with him.

"I am of your opinion, but I admire you, for it ought to be the work of more than a few months to bring light to a mind prejudiced as yours was." "There is no doubt that I should have seen light much sooner if I had not laboured under so many prejudices.

The cause of the war was that the Tsar had seized upon towns belonging to my father. But tell me, Yaroslav, how far are you journeying?" Then said Yaroslav: "I am riding to the city of Shtchetin to slay the Tsar Fireshield." But the Head answered: "Sooner will you be slain yourself!

No sooner had the lad risen to the surface from his plunge than it was plain that he could not swim; so in after him went the practical joker, with all his toggery. "If ever the captain was frightened," writes the officer just quoted, "it was then."

Mother Sawyer: "A crew of villains a knot of bloody hangmen! set to torment me! I know not why." Justice: "Alas! neighbour Banks, are you a ringleader in mischief? Fie I to abuse an aged woman!" Banks: "Woman! a she hell-cat, a witch! To prove her one, we no sooner set fire on the thatch of her house, but in she came running, as if the Devil had sent her in a barrel of gunpowder."