"Perhaps the lines are not deep enough, or the bait is not as good as it should be," observed Desmond, beginning to haul in upon his line. He had got it in a third of the length, when he felt it torn from his grasp, and he caught sight of a monster running off with it. The next instant, as Desmond had the line round the thwart, it snapped short off. Away went hook and line.

She ran down the hall, evading his grasp, and laughing back at him over her shoulder, to Mrs. Hewitt and safety. "Come, children, dinner will be cold," said Mrs. Hewitt obliviously. "Coming, Mother dear!" answered Joy. It was quite as pleasant to breakfast with John as it had been to dine with him, which had been something Joy had secretly wondered about.

Go on down through the years needy and waiting, and never find or grasp that which a sure instinct tells them they were made for? "This, this is the poverty of life! These are the poor, to whom God's Gospel was preached in Christ! And to these denied and waiting ones the first words of Christ's preaching as I read them were spoken in blessing.

For he has what no compiler as such can have because the moment he has it he ceases to be a compiler, and becomes an artist the sense of grasp, the power to put his finger, and to keep it, on the central pulse and nerve of the story. That he did this deliberately is so unlikely as to be practically impossible: that he did it is certain.

"If you command it," he coolly answered. "I do. We will have our parting this afternoon. He can remove to his old quarters at the hotel. I will receive you alone, and we will arrange for the divorce and our marriage." "Promptly at seven," he said, crushing her hand in his parting grasp.

"Now," he cautioned, "as gently as possible!" Loosing her hold above, she hung for a moment or two, half afraid to let go his hand, while his arm and body grew tense with the strain and she could hear his labored breath. Summoning her courage she relaxed her grasp.

My perceptions now became more dim and confused. I felt that I was in the grasp of some giant force; and, in the glimmering of my fading reason, grew earnestly alarmed, for the terrible stress under which my frame labored increased every moment.

Turnbull, that very boy Willie Feltram even he, and no other; and now you'll shake hands with me, not so formally, but like an old friend." "Ay, that I will," said honest Richard Turnbull, with a great smile, and a hearty grasp of his guest's hand; and they both laughed together, and the younger man's eyes, for he was an affectionate fool, filled up with tears.

"Let them go now! let them go!" cried Rosamund at last, half frightened at the scrimmage, and almost ready to pity the ruffians, who were getting so much the worst of it. Lusty William had quickly laid Dicing Dick prostrate on mother earth, and was giving a drubbing to Thirsty Thring, who was helpless in his stout grasp.

Priscilla knew the expression, and she shook her. "You little wretch!" she exclaimed. Patty squirmed out from under her grasp. "If you remember," she murmured, "I once said that the Lick Observatory was in Dublin, Ireland. It was a very funny mistake, of course, but I know of others that are funnier." "What do you mean?" Bonnie demanded.