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As she held a firm grasp on my prick, I pretended to be evading the blows, while in reality I was thrusting it in and out of her hand with the utmost energy and excitement, which speedily brought on the delightful crisis, and with a cry of rapture I gave down a copious discharge into her hand, and sank almost senseless on her lap.

Following out a theory which I worked up as I walked, I thought it probable that the fellow had been helped by confederates whom he had contrived to dodge, evading them and sneaking off to London in the hope of cheating them out of their share of the spoil.

How could it go on? And yet, how could she give him up? "I seem to have got myself into one of those situations where there is no right," she exclaimed. "You forget your own words: A woman in relation to society is in the position of a captive; she may justly evade the prison rules, if she can." "So she may; only I want so desperately to wrench away the bars instead of evading the rules."

There remained only the possibility of reserving the bill for approval or rejection at home. A weaker man would have taken this easy and fatal way of evading responsibility; but Elgin rose to the height of his vocation, when he explained his reason for acting on his own initiative.

I knew he was excessively proud of his farm, which consisted of about four or five acres. He caught at the words with alacrity, and led the way toward his house with tremendous strides. There was no means of evading a tour of inspection, though Captain Carey appeared to follow him reluctantly.

Like many men ambitious of directing the affairs of a nation, Mr. Travers disliked the sense of responsibility. He would not have been above evading it in case of need, but with perverse loftiness he really, in his heart, scorned it. That was the reason why he was able to lie at rest and enjoy a sense of returning vigour.

Certain very able articles in the journals of the excitable Midi, though bearing another signature, were composed or dictated by this man, articles evading the censure and penalties of the law, but very mischievous in their tone.

"You talk about being a show all by yourself; what could you try to do? Show us sumpthing you can do." "I didn't say I was going to DO anything," returned the badgered one, still evading. "Well, then, how'd you BE a show?" Penrod demanded. "WE got a show here, even if Herman didn't point or Verman didn't talk. Their father stabbed a man with a pitchfork, I guess, didn't he?" "How do I know?"

"He's found," said Holden discouragedly, "a way to send messages faster than light. It's a detour around Einstein's stuff not denying it, but evading it. Right now it takes not quite two seconds for a message to go from the moon to Earth. That's at the speed of light. Dabney has proof we'll see it that he can cut that down some ninety-five per cent.

He had learned to look to Fenton to help him in evading his mother's attempts at discipline, and Edith noted with pain, as she had too often noticed before, the knowing smile which came into the child's face at her husband's words.

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