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"How are you going to make the will of the dear people effective with the assembly?" asked Rawson, amused. "Make the initiative and referendum the issue of the campaign. Pledge the legislators to vote for it before nominating them." "Pledge them?" grinned Rawson cynically. "Weren't they pledged to support Hardy? And did they?" "No, but they'll stick next time, I think."

Inquiring for Angus, I turned over the toboggan to him for the first ride. He asked if the slide was all right, if I had made the jump over the brook, and if Mr. Hosmer was badly hurt. As he was a little backward about coming forward, so to speak, I took the initiative, inviting any girl to join me who had courage enough to face the music.

No doubt they'd locate him after a bit; but in the meantime ? It was nearly one o'clock and Cristy Lawson's wire brooked no delay. There was only one thing to do go ahead on his own initiative. Brennan went into McAllister's private office and closed the door while he talked to the Chief of Police on the private line.

That's why we have just launched the America Reads initiative, to build a citizen army of one million volunteer tutors to make sure every child can read independently by the end of the 3rd grade. We will use thousands of AmeriCorps volunteers to mobilize this citizen army. We want at least 100,000 college students to help.

When we look upon a person who is well-conditioned and whose life is well-ordered, in body, in mind, and in spirit, we know, at once, that he possesses integrity, initiative, a sense of responsibility, reverence, and other high qualities that compose the person as we see him.

On the Isthmus of Darien either man or woman can take the initiative, so every one gets a good chance all round. It is not possible, here, to touch upon the elaborate betrothal and marriage customs of the East. Marriage Fixing the Day Preparations Selecting the Bridesmaids and their Dresses The Wedding Gown The Trousseau Invitations. Marriage.

Risk, speculation, initiative in a word, all the stimulants of human activity being suppressed, no progress would have been possible, and the worker would have remained as poor as he was. Men would merely have established that equality in poverty desired by the jealousy and envy of a host of mediocre minds. Humanity will never renounce the progress of civilisation to satisfy so low an ideal.

He was obliged to pass her on his way to the door. The minute was the more awkward for him owing to the fact that she did not take the initiative in carrying it off. On the contrary, she made it harder by looking at him gravely without speaking. "It's relief," he said, nodding with understanding toward the room up-stairs.

Lincoln is a pure-souled, well-intentioned patriot, and this nobody doubts or contests. But is that all which is needed in these terrible emergencies? Lyon is killed, the only man of initiative hitherto generated by events. We have bad luck. I shall put on mourning for at least six weeks.

He said he had asked the opinions of many Southern Members, and, with one or two exceptions, they most cordially agreed with the course he had taken. To serve on the committee would place him in a false position. Florida had taken the initiative; her Legislature had ordered an election to choose members to a convention to be convened on the 3d day of January, 1861.

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