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Let but a square mile be blown out of the bottom of the sea, or a great rift open there. Is it to be supposed that we would be unaffected in the altered conditions generated by a contest between the ocean and the earth's molten core? These fatalities are not only possible but in the highest degree probable.

No nation stands wholly apart in interest when the life and interests of all nations are thrown into confusion and peril. If hopeful and generous enterprise is to be renewed, if the healing and helpful arts of life are indeed to be revived when peace comes again, a new atmosphere of justice and friendship must be generated by means the world has never tried before.

The political differences which have generated parties in this country date back to an early period. They existed under the old confederation, were perceptible in the formation of the Constitution and establishment of "a more perfect union."

With this "pile," as it was called, electricity was generated, and by linking together several such piles an electric battery could be formed. This invention took the world by storm. Nothing like the enthusiasm it created in the philosophic world had been known since the invention of the Leyden jar, more than half a century before.

"To begin then, bees are generated partly by other bees and partly from the decaying carcase of an ox: so Archelaus in one of his epigrams calls them 'flitting offspring of decaying beef, and else where he says, 'wasps spring from horses, bees from calves.

Through its force life is generated and preserved without it, life escapes to other phases to find its love again. Nothing is perfect, nothing is lasting without the light and fire of this dual flame. It cannot be WILLED either to kindle or to burn; it must be born of itself and IN itself, and shed its glory on the souls of its own choice. All else is subject to order and command.

In addition to this complex evolution of myth as a whole, special myths follow similar laws; since they are generated from the same facts, and pass through the same phases, they culminate in a partial ideality, and this involves a simple and comprehensive law of the phenomena in question, and even a moral or providential order.

When I heard he had his niece with him I thought she was a plain girl, with short frocks and her hair plaited down her back." Olive did not like this woman. It is wonderful how quickly likes and dislikes may be generated. "But you see I am not," she replied. "Seven cents, please." "Don't you suppose I know what the toll is?" said the woman in the carriage.

But you and Gaspard are not yet absolutely sure of our motive power! you cannot realise that as long as we keep going so long will our 'going' force be generated without effort yet surely it is proved!" Gaspard lifted his eyes towards her where she stood like a little white Madonna in a shrine. "Yes, Madama, it is proved!" he said "But the secret of its proving? "Ah!

In spite of this fortunate result, I do not now, after a lapse of forty years, think the experiment one that would have answered with many young women's constitutions, though there is no sort of doubt that the nervous energy generated by any pleasurable emotion is in itself a great preservative from unfavorable influences.

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