"He is rather young, but I shall try the experiment." "Do you mean me?" asked Ben quickly. "Yes; are you willing to be my agent in the matter?" "I should like it of all things," said Ben, with sparkling eyes. "Then you may consider yourself engaged. The details we will discuss presently." "And where will you stay, Cousin Ida?" "In San Francisco.

He knew Dick Weir really needed his money, and this emboldened him to apply to Ben. Alas! "I'd do it in a minute Jim; but I've been trying a sort of experiment. I had a chance to buy some capital stock, five hundred dollars' worth, and I just scraped up everything I had, and borrowed, so I'm behind, and must catch up. You've been pretty gay, haven't you, Jim?"

They held no terror for us, however, for we knew that we should suffer neither from heat nor thirst during our trail over their broad, friendly sides. For a couple of days we had been trying the experiment of camping during the day and travelling at night, but we soon got enough of that way of getting along.

What is of yet more importance, the higher the speed the less the inclination required, and, if we leave out of consideration the friction of the air and the resistance arising from any object which the machine may carry, the less the horse-power expended in driving the plane. Maxim exemplified this by experiment several years ago.

Perhaps Sophy had been fretted and angered by her quick, decided ways, and rather disgusted by the enthusiasm of her brother and sister about Fairmead; and she was not gratified by hearing that Winifred was to accompany her husband in order to try the experiment of a short absence from cares and children.

This experiment was made in 1645. In this visit to Auvergne in the summer of 1880, the author was accompanied by his son, Dr. E. Gordon Hull, and Sir Robert S. Ball. On reaching the station at the summit of the ridge it seemed as if the volcanic fires had again been lighted, for the whole sky was aglow with the rays of the western sun.

I promised that I would and we parted, one going down towards the sea, the other along the lane, where I met my father looking very hot and tired; but he seemed in good spirits, so I supposed that he had not met old Jonas. "Well, Sep," he cried, "how about the experiment? What luck?" "Oh, we melted the stones, father, and got out of them a little bit of lead."

The experiment does not satisfy me, for two reasons: first, to ask workers equipped with tools for cutting clay as hard as granite to cut a piece of gauze does not strike me as a happy inspiration; you cannot expect a navvy's pick-axe to do the same work as a dressmaker's scissors. Secondly, the transparent glass prison seems to me ill-chosen.

If so, do but note them down on paper, and devote an hour particularly to them when you have finished a chapter or come to a proper pause. After an experiment of this mode, you will never abandon it. Lempriere's Dictionary is that of which I spoke to you.

All this seems to reduce the experiment to little more than guess-work; and it will, probably, be very difficult to persuade those who did not see the field when it was cut, to credit this report of the devastation made by the birds; even when they are told that Clitheroe is a town of 7,000 inhabitants, and probably as many sparrows, and that apparently they were all assembled to feed in this field; and they became so accustomed to the good living they found there, that even when our neighbours' wheat was fit to eat, they continued to favour this field with their visits in preference to going elsewhere.