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Curious to know this secret, the sisters went up to Rebecca with seeming kindness, and "conjured her to spare her father still greater grief, and her own and her child's public infamy, by acknowledging herself its mother, and naming the man who had undone her." Emboldened by this insult from her own sex, Rebecca now began to declare the simple truth.

Paul slackened his pace, emboldened by that last moment of solitude. "Do you know what I am thinking?" he said, taking Aline's hand; "that any one would enjoy being unhappy for the sake of being comforted by you. But, precious as your sympathy is to me, I cannot allow you to expend your emotion upon an imaginary grief.

The enemy had regained heart; emboldened by the constant influx of reinforcements, and the inactivity of the allies, he had grown audacious, and was ready to try a vigorous offensive. A blow well aimed at our communications and delivered with intention might drive us back on our ships, perhaps into the sea. McKay had passed the night at Balaclava.

During the evening meal the conversation turned on trivial subjects, and Orso, emboldened by his sister's apparent calm, related his encounter with the bandits, and even ventured on a joke or two concerning the moral and religious education that was being imparted to little Chilina, thanks to the care of her uncle and of his worthy colleague Signor Castriconi.

Perhaps this attitude emboldened me to profit by the last seconds of our interview; and it certainly rendered her escape the more easy. 'O, you are too romantic! she said, laughing; and with that my sun was blown out, my enchantress had fled away, and I was again left alone in the twilight with the lady hens. The rest of the day I slept in the corner of the hen-house upon Flora's shawl.

The committee in charge had been emboldened by the size of this present outpouring to engage the garden; the money to pay the rent for those two nights had already been subscribed; admission would be free; all would be welcome to come and quoting the chairman "to hear the truth about the war into which the Government, at the bidding of the capitalistic classes, had plunged the people of the nation."

And now that the year wearily turns and stretches herself before the perfect waking, the god emboldened begins to blow a clearer note. When the waking comes at last, and Summer is abroad, these deities will abroad too, each as his several attributes move him. Who is this that flieth up the reaches of the Thames in steam-launch hired for the day? Mercury is out some dozen or fifteen strong.

The colloquy had not only done me no service, but had positively emboldened him or so I seemed to perceive as the weeks went on in his efforts to cast off his old slough and become a travesty of me, as he had been a travesty of my uncle. I am willing to believe that they caused him pain.

"And do you bachelors always live so well?" continued she, pointing to the little cold collation. Mr. A pretty sight would it have been for young Perkins to see strangers so unceremoniously devouring his feast. She drank Mr. Scully drank and so emboldened was he by the draught that he actually seated himself by the side of Lady Gorgon, on John Perkins's new sofa.

The count, emboldened by so much kindness, took her hand; she let him do so as though it were a great favor, and he kissed it tenderly. "Oh! mademoiselle," he cried, on knowing himself beyond all danger, "rely on me for life, for death. Though I owe you a gratitude equal to that I owe my mother, it will be very difficult to restrain my feelings to mere respect." He sprang into the narrow pathway.

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