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Give us a chance.... When we've got the best pair of legs South of Thames trained to a tick, and fighting mad for their chance, we may as well use em." Kit gasped. "Nipper Knapp!" and added in a flash, "May I go with him, sir?" "To the mouth of the drain," said the Parson. "No further." He turned about. "Blob, come here. Keep a sharp look-out at this window, and give a holloa if anything stirs.

The 30. day we entred our owne chanell. The 2. of October we had sight of the Isle of Wight. The 3. we coasted all along the shore, and the 4. and 5. The 6. of the said moneth of October wee came into the riuer of Thames as high as Ratcliffe in safetie God be thanked.

I was just about to turn to the right into a narrow and nameless alley, lying at right angles to the Thames, when I pulled up sharply, clenching my fists and listening.

The river was smiling as she tripped gayly down to the water, and the red-coated watermen were smiling, too, and nudging one another. But little cared we! Dolly in holiday humour stopped for naught. "Boat, your honour! Boat, boat! To Rotherhithe Redriff? Two and six apiece, sir." For that intricate puzzle called human nature was solved out of hand by the Thames watermen.

There had been a hard frost and a little snow, the sky was a colourless grey, icicles hung from the arms of the street lamps, and the pavements were patterned out with frond-like forms that were trodden into slides as the day grew older. The Thames they knew was a wonderful sight, but that they kept until last. They went first along the Brompton Road....

For himself, though in his time something of a rambler, he is not ashamed in this respect to confess to a legitimate Cockney taste; and for his part he does not know where life can flow on more pleasantly than in sight of Kensington Gardens, viewing the silver Thames winding by the bowers of Rosebank, or inhaling from its terraces the refined air of graceful Richmond.

"You will not except at my doubling the loading, if I double the fare?" said Nigel, determined on no account to relinquish the protection of this unhappy woman, for which he had already devised some sort of plan, likely now to be baffled by the characteristic rudeness of the Thames watermen.

They advised me, with much natural civility, to untie my hair, and that then, like them, I might plunge into the stream head foremost. Refreshed and strengthened by this cool bath, I took a long walk by moonlight on the banks of the Thames.

At the station they saw no one except porters, and a villager or two unknown to Jon, and walked out up the lane, which smelled of dust and honeysuckle. For Jon sure of her now, and without separation before him it was a miraculous dawdle, more wonderful than those on the Downs, or along the river Thames.

She used to go down to almost every ship that left the Thames, and saw everything done that was possible for their comfort. In one case, that of the Wellington convict ship, hearing that patchwork was an easy and profitable work, she sent quickly to different Manchester houses in London, and got an abundance of coloured cotton pieces.

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