that such as these would be blind anyway, he thought it quite as well that they should wrinkle up their eyes in grins, as have the malady in less attractive forms. His own heart laughed: and that was quite enough for him.

Furnaces of an altogether different type are those employing an alternating current, such as the Kjellin and Rochling furnaces, where the metal to be heated really forms the secondary circuit of a large and novel form of transformer which in principle is analogous to the familiar transformer seen to step down the potential of alternating current as for house lighting.

At this, I pierced all his bodies with shafts. Then again all those forms became one, O Bharata. Thereat I struck at it. Next, he now assumed a small body with a huge head, and now a huge body with a small head. And, O king, he then assumed his former person and approached me for fight.

It appears as instinct prompting us to do this and not to do that, to decide this way or that way when we have no consciously rational ground for decision, to cleave to this person and shun the other, almost before knowing anything of either: it has been recognised in all ages under various forms as Demon, Fate, or presiding Genius. But still further.

By art I do not mean painting and sculpture but every kind of decoration, and most kinds of pictorial representation the image of a boy's kite or a girl's battledore not less than the design upon a lacquered casquet or enameled vase, the figure upon a workman's trowel not less than the pattern of the girdle of a princess, the shape of the paper doll or wooden rattle bought for a baby, not less than the forms of those colossal Ni-O who guard the gateways of the Buddha's temples," etc.

This, I think, is the ugliest tree in creation, with one of the most beautiful of flowers: it looks like one of the first efforts of Dame Nature in tree-making, happily abandoned by her for more graceful shapes and forms.

The two forms of disease to which we must refer are appalling in their consequences, both for the individual and the future.

For they were to the following purport: often in my past life the same dream visited me, appearing at different times in different forms, yet always saying the same thing 'Socrates, it said, 'apply yourself to and practice music. 12.

Enough, my mind, now fully awakened, could not suffer these set forms, necessary though they were; and I felt that I must seek out some position in which my nature could unfold itself freely according to the needs of the development of my life and of my mind.

Therefore nothing short of that diversity of soils and situations, which we find upon the surface of the earth, could fulfill the purpose of nature, in producing a system of vegetables endued with such a diversity of forms and habits.