When a certain number of logical principles have been admitted, the rest can be deduced from them; but the propositions deduced are often just as self-evident as those that were assumed without proof.

Had he fallen ill and died out there, or met his death suddenly, perhaps in some wild adventure under an assumed name? Her lips tightened, and her white brows contracted over her absent eyes. It was an old anxiety, but none the less wearing because it was old. Ruth put it wearily from her, and took up the first book which came to her hand, to distract her attention.

This was throwing a large amount of responsibility on their shoulders, but they determined to do their duty. Mr Basham received his dismissal with great coolness; but again his features assumed the expression the Gilpins had before observed.

Would you think that Michaelis had anything to do with the preparation of that bomb, for instance?” The Chief Inspector assumed a reflective manner. “I wouldn’t say so. There’s no necessity to say anything at present. He associates with men who are classed as dangerous. He was made a delegate of the Red Committee less than a year after his release on licence. A sort of compliment, I suppose.”

I could have given them a hint. My predictions regarding the ancestral potencies of the monkey-face were being abundantly justified. He came at once to Our Square and tackled the Little Red Doctor. "Where is she?" he asked. The Little Red Doctor assumed an air of incredulous surprise. "Have you still got that bee in your bonnet?" said he. "Where is she?" repeated the Weeping Scion.

I was at Whitehall, and finding the earl in the king's presence, suddenly asked him where I could find his friend Sir Paul Parravicin. He looked surprised at the question, glanced significantly at the monarch, and then carelessly answered that he knew no such person." "A strange idea crosses me," cried Leonard. "Can it be the king who has assumed this disguise?"

Her measures, which till now had been sufficiently moderate, suddenly assumed a menacing aspect on learning that the Minister of the King of England had declared in Parliament that France had consented to the restitution of Hanover.

As soon as they were at table, the Marquis, who sat beside the young girl, occupied himself in talking to her with the devoted air of a man authorized to pay his addresses. He assumed a curious manner, which seemed to the painter bold and searching; his smiles were satisfied and almost tender, his gallantry was familiar and officious.

He had told the women folks at home how admirable he had been under strain, and he went on to claim special privileges as the reward for his gallant behavior. He posed as their protector. He assumed the right to tax them because they did not lend a hand when invasion came. Now women are campaigning in France and Belgium to show that man's much-advertised quality of courage is a race possession.

"I don't know," he answered, "it might mean I still cared for Anna and that if I let myself go it would break up my home." With his full realization of the meaning of this symbolization, it was assumed that he was cured. Seven months later, in company with a colleague, I visited my former patient and he told me that he had not had a moment's illness since I last saw him.