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About noon, on the following day, Disbrowe, without venturing to see his wife, left the house, and proceeded to the Smyrna, where, as he expected, he found Parravicin and his companions. The knight instantly advanced towards him, and, laying aside for the moment his reckless air, inquired, with a look of commiseration, after his wife. "She is better," replied Disbrowe, fiercely.

"I suspect that Nizza Macascree is confined here by Sir Paul Parravicin and Chowles, and if it turns out I am right in my conjecture, I propose to liberate her. Will you help me?" "Humph!" exclaimed Rainbird, "I don't much fancy the job. However, since I am here, I'll not go back. I am curious to see the coffin-maker's hoards. Look at yon heap of clothes.

"It is needless," said Leonard, "your looks answer for you. She is." "Yes, yes, I confess she is," replied Chowles. "You hear what he says, Sir Paul," remarked Leonard. "His fears would make him assert anything," rejoined Parravicin, disdainfully. "If you do not depart instantly, I will drive you forth."

As he entered the room, a faint voice issuing from behind the rich damask curtains of the bed, demanded, "Is it you, Disbrowe?" "It is, Margaret," replied Parravicin, setting down the lamp, and speaking with a handkerchief at his mouth, to disguise his voice and conceal his features. "You are late very late," she rejoined, "and I have been ill. I fancied myself dying."

I have not hitherto mentioned the subject, fearing it might distress you." "Have no further consideration, but speak out," rejoined the piper. "Be it what it may, I will bear it like a man." Leonard then briefly recounted all that had occurred, describing Nizza's disguise as a page, and her forcible abduction by Parravicin.

"Perhaps not," replied Nizza; "neither am I accustomed to this unwarrantable usage. Let me go. My errand is one of life and death. Do not hinder me, or you will have a heavy crime on your soul heavier, it may be, than any that now loads it." "Where are you going?" asked Parravicin, struck by her earnest manner. "To fetch assistance," she replied, "for one suddenly assailed by the pestilence."

Examining all these things, and drawing his own conclusions as to the character of their owner, Parravicin turned to a couch on which a cittern was thrown, while beside it, on a cushion, were a pair of tiny embroidered velvet slippers.

"Hum!" exclaimed Parravicin, taking up a pack of cards, and snapping them between his finger and thumb. "You are married, Captain Disbrowe?" "What if I am?" cried the young man, becoming suddenly pale; "what if I am?" he repeated. "I am told your wife is beautiful," replied Parravicin. "Beautiful!" ejaculated Pillichody; "by the well-filled coffers of the widow of Watling-street! she is an angel.

My heart tells me the Earl of Rochester is amongst them. Give me your arm, Nizza, and I will try to gain some place of concealment." "Ay, let us fly," replied the other, assisting her towards the door; "I am in equal danger with yourself, for Sir Paul Parravicin is doubtless with them. Oh! where where is Leonard?"

The keys of the stables, which are now intrusted to Chiffinch, shall be stolen the horses set free and the two damsels caught in the trap prepared for them, while the only person blamed in the matter will be Leonard." "Bravo!" exclaimed Parravicin. "I am impatient for the scheme to be put into execution." "I will set about it at once," returned Rochester.