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"So you've made some enemies as well as some friends, eh?" remarked Songbird Powell, after he had been registered, taken up to his room, and had listened to what the Rover boys had to tell. "No use of talking, it doesn't take you fellows long to stir things up!" "You said you had a surprise for us, Songbird," returned Tom. "I'm dying by inches to know what it is."

When the doctor left the sick-room Jules asked him no question; one gesture was enough. "Call in consultation any physician in whom you place confidence; I may be wrong." "Doctor, tell me the truth. I am a man, and I can bear it. Besides, I have the deepest interest in knowing it; I have certain affairs to settle." "Madame Jules is dying," said the physician.

She died about an hour afterwards, and though I have seen many sorrowful things in many lands, in war and out of it, the memory of that dying girl, held up by one of the mounted police, sobbing out her life beneath the wild forest shadow, with no one of her sex, no one of her kin to help her, comes back to me as one of the saddest and strangest.

"I will soon tell you my name and the story of my woes; but first give me something to eat, for I am dying of hunger. I have had nothing but bad soup for the last few days." "Certainly; go downstairs and have your dinner, and then come back to me; you can't eat and speak at the same time."

"No, Angela, except that your cousin George is dying, but that is scarcely likely to distress you." "I am sorry." "Are you? There is no particular reason why you should be. You do not like him." "No, I do not like him." "It is a pity though, because I have come to ask you to marry him." "Upon my word, Lady Bellamy, you seem to be the chosen messenger of everything that is wretched.

Arrived in Venice the remains were enclosed in a marble pillar for greater safety, but only two or three persons knew which pillar, and, these dying, the secret perished. In their dismay all the people grieved, but suddenly the stones opened and revealed the corpse.

One of the lackeys had had occasion to ride over to the town that very day, and had come back with the news that people there were actually dying in the streets.

What did he think of his work when the news came of Frederick's death? What did he think of it when John Massingbird returned in person? What did he think of it when he read Sibylla's dying message, written to him by Amilly "Tell papa it is the leaving Verner's Pride that has killed me?" "I shall take possession of this," said Jan Verner.

These said that death by the hand of the enemy is to be thrice preferred to perishing by thirst; for by the wise man, speedy and painless departure from life is in no way to be distinguished from immortality; the only real death, however, is slow and painful dying, for the dread lies not in being dead, but in dying.

Instead of the old system of roughness and neglect, they found now a very different order of things, as nurses, perfectly trained, with soft voice and gentle footfall, passed from bed to bed, ministering to the sick and dying. Interesting and helpful books for those who were well enough to read found their way into the wards.