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Yet for the matter of that, I will engage to ride my mare up any corkscrew wide enough to turn her forelock and tail in ay, and down again too, which is another business with most horses. But come now, mother Rees, confess this all a fable of thine own contriving to make a mock of a farm-bred lad like me.

To ride the winner of the Liverpool seemed to me a final achievement and glory; and had not accident intervened, it is very possible that I might have succeeded in carrying off, if not the meditated honour, something scarcely inferior, such as alas, eheu fugaces! I cannot now recall the name of a race of the necessary value and importance.

She was a neighbourin' squatter's milkmaid, they say. 'Well, Macdougal's not mean in the matter of horseflesh. 'Right. That's his other great extravagance. See, he gets about badly on those spider-legs of his, and makes up for his misfortune when he splits across a horse. He breeds the best, drives like a fiend, an' can ride anythin' lapped in hide.

Their eyes met, and they both broke out laughing. This much I saw and heard. And when, at six o'clock, they marched us down under the lee of San Francisco, I saw Lord Wellington ride up, dismount, give over his horse to an orderly and walk past our column into the darkness.

Once the locomotive brake lever was jammed, as in this case, there was no help for the huge machine. It had to ride to the foot of the grade if it did not chance to hit something on the way!

"What do you call him?" asked Mrs. Rindge. "I haven't named him." "I'll give you a name." Chiltern looked at her. "What is it?" he said. "Oblivion," she replied: "By George, Adele," he exclaimed, "you have a way of hitting it off!" "Will you let me ride him this afternoon?" she asked. "I'm a a candidate for oblivion." She laughed a little and her eyes shone feverishly. "No you don't," he said.

Therefore, with your permission, we will ride to the front, as the Duke of Athens has advised, and so clear a path for the rest of you." "This may not be!" cried the Lord Clermont angrily. "It would be strange indeed if Frenchmen could not be found to clear a path for the army of the King of France.

Nor were those who attacked the bodyguard from the rear in much better case; for although they outnumbered the soldiers by something like ten to one, the cramped width of the road in which they fought nullified this advantage, while their untrained methods of fighting allowed the trained soldiers to ride and mow them down like grass, with the result that after a few minutes of strenuous fighting their courage evaporated and they, too, were seized with such overpowering panic that, to escape the vengeful sabres of the bodyguard, they sought to fly, and finding no way of escape, turned their weapons upon their own comrades and leaders, speedily inducing a state of abject panic in them also.

I've had so many nice rides in it." "The axle will have to be mended before we can use it again," announced Peleg Snuggers. "We'll have to leave it here until the wheelwright can come fer it. I'll take the hosses back to the school." "Look out that they don't run away with you," warned Pepper. "Let me ride one of them!" cried the acrobatic Andy. "Give me the new one.

Bertram! but I am a stronger woman than I ever thought I was to have lived through it." It was soon arranged that George should go back to his inn and hire a horse, and that he and Caroline should then ride together. In another hour or so they were cantering up the face of Ridgebury Hill. But the ride produced very little.