They are so much accustomed to combining artificial characters with creations of their imaginations that they constantly fulfil an analogous need with regard to the individuals they know best. They have some friend who is dear to them, whom they see almost daily, who hides nothing from them and from whom they hide nothing.

Do you like it?" He held her closely. "And my working clothes against your pretty frock! D'you mind?" "No." She was looking at the gold band on her finger. "It's heavy, George." "I chose a heavy one." "Have you had it in your pocket all the time?" "All the time." He and she had been alike in cherishing a ring, but when she reached home she would take Zebedee's from its place and hide it safely.

I was not different, but I was one with something pure and wise and loving and eternal. "That has never left me. You will ask why I have not done more, bestirred myself more; because that is just what one cannot do. All that matters nothing. The activities which one makes for oneself, they are the delusions which hide God from us.

A pulse of excitement beat in her blood. A few minutes before she had clung to him despairingly. Now she wanted to run away and hide. He stepped close to her and let his hand fall lightly on her arm. "I've been blind all these years, Lee," he told her. "It's you I love." She stole a little look at him with shy, incredulous eyes. "Have you forgotten Polly?"

As soon as Monsieur De Vlierbeck was alone, he put his right foot over the left to hide the rent in his boot, drew forth the gold snuff-box, and made ready to take a pinch. The notary came in.

The boy understood nothing, but was thoroughly alarmed. "Hide it, hide it!" said Norah frantically, pointing to the still unopened bag. "My aunt and the Major will be here in a moment. Throw it on the top of that chest; they won't see it there."

"Just like that Venusian hick to be ready to sacrifice himself to get a Solar Medal!" "Don't argue, Junior," snapped Astro. "I'm the only one strong enough to move one of those rocks. You two hide and I'll cover you." "Now wait a minute, Astro," Tom protested. "I didn't mean...." "You should have," replied Astro. "And if you don't get moving now, you'll never make it!"

As I entered, I observed that the pulpit stood under the arch of a recess, roofed with carved stone, with clustered columns rising on the sides and spreading into graceful arches overhead. As I walked up the broad aisle, the recess shifted strangely, and the clustered columns of 'carven stone' ran in and out, at hide and seek. At last the truth flashed on me.

"The king used to hide from the queen and the court to forge and file with me," this man would remark in after days: "to carry about his anvil and mine, without anybody's knowing anything about it required a thousand stratagems which it would take no end of time to tell of."

Paul is saying: "That none of you may hide behind the plea of ignorance I will enumerate first the works of the flesh, and then also the works of the Spirit." There were many hypocrites among the Galatians, as there are also among us, who pretend to be Christians and talk much about the Spirit, but they walk not according to the Spirit; rather according to the flesh.