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"Yes, I believe he has bound you out to a man in Cranston." "I am sorry," said Herbert. "I shall be sorry to have you go, Herbert, but I thought you wanted to go." "So I do; but by waiting a few weeks I could probably get a place in Beckford & Keyes' store, at the mill village." "What makes you think so?" Herbert detailed his interview of the morning with the junior partner.

Jack, when at last discharged from the hospital, came across to the Cecil and lived with me in preference to the "Junior." He was very weak at first, and I looked after him, while every day Muriel came and ate with us, brightening our lives by her smart and merry chatter.

Better acquainted than his junior associate with the details of war, and understanding likewise the wasted and feeble condition of his people, and having learned in the late conflict something of the power of the enemy they would have to encounter, he regarded the idea of their resistance as wholly impracticable, and advised a compliance with the terms of the treaty.

Ripon, the junior partner, one of the evangelical lights of the community, conducting advanced Bible classes every week in the Church of the Redemption?... The unfolding of mysteries kept me alert. And I understood that, if I was to succeed, certain esoteric knowledge must be acquired, as it were, unofficially.

Alas for the tranquillity of parents with pleasure-loving sons! alas for Mr. Valentine Blyth's idea of teaching his pupil to be steady, by teaching him to draw! this furious young gentleman was no other than Mr. Zachary Thorpe, Junior, of Baregrove Square. "Damn you all, you cowardly counter-jumping scoundrels!" roared Zack, his eyes aflame with valor, generosity, and gin-and-water.

Then I shall come home to go into my father's store for a year as a clerk in the importing department. At the close of that year the governor will take me in as junior partner, and I shall marry my second cousin. We shall live with my parents, and I am going to be very domestic, though, as a matter of form, I shall join one or two clubs.

"I had a notion that he'd do that, so I had changed the specification." Thus spoke the Staff, and so it is among the junior commands, down to the semi-isolated posts where boy-Napoleons live on their own, through unbelievable adventures. They are inventive young devils, these veterans of 21, possessed of the single ideal to kill which they follow with men as single-minded as themselves.

The new condition of affairs sent him to look for Paul, and to put him to work. Then we find him set apart to missionary service, and the leader of the first missionary band, in which he was accompanied by his friend Saul. He acquiesced frankly, and without a murmur, in the superiority of the junior, and yielded up pre-eminence to him quite willingly.

Perhaps you could tell my occupation?" "Certainly. Your occupation is doubtless that of a junior partner in a prosperous New York house. You go over to Europe every year perhaps twice a year, to look after the interests of your business." "You think I am a sort of commercial traveller, then?" "Well, practically, yes.

Weller, consulting a large double-faced silver watch that hung at the end of the copper chain. 'Now it's time I was up at the office to get my vay-bill and see the coach loaded; for coaches, Sammy, is like guns they requires to be loaded with wery great care, afore they go off. At this parental and professional joke, Mr. Weller, junior, smiled a filial smile.