His first care should be the conception of a whole as lofty as his intellect can grasp, as harmonious and complete as his art can accomplish; his second care, the character of the interest which the details are intended to sustain.

I hastily pushed the girl down the companionway leading to the engine-room, and then I raised my pistol and fired my first shot at a boche. What happened in the next few seconds happened so quickly that details are rather blurred in my memory.

I commend nothing for the want of exactness; I mean to point out that kind of exactness which is the best, and which is alone truly to be so esteemed. This Sir Joshua has already told us consists in getting above 'all particularities and details of every kind. Once more we find it stated that

Mother Waterhouse's knowledge of Latin, if that is more than the fiction of a Protestant pamphleteer, is rather remarkable. Allowance must be made for a very prejudiced reporter, i. e., the judge himself. These details were very probably suggested to her by the judge. Who promised her also "favour."

She was to be my child as well as yours; well, now she is my child, and our hearts they bleed together." At this, the truth must be told, the two stout old men embraced one another like two women, and cried together a little. But that was soon over with such men as these. They sat together and plunged into the details of the expedition, and they talked themselves into hope.

If for no other reason than that my success should have the effect of releasing the inhabitants of Poona, from the horrible tyranny to which they are exposed, I shall be willing to risk a great deal to gain it. "I shall not leave for a day or two, as I wish to think over all the details of my plan, before I set about carrying it out."

The widow of Colonel Battledown was escorted by Lord Epsom, the Honorable Richard's elder brother, and wore a very splendid pink turban, and red eyes. But all these details, and many more, may be read in the Morning Post of March 7th, 1821, to which I refer the curious. The service commenced.

I will, of course, give the ispravnik to understand that your princely mind could not be bothered by such details as this that you have proceeded on your journey." "I do not like leaving the poor beggar alone all night," said Paul. "There may be wolves the crows in the early morning." "Bah! that is because you are so soft-hearted.

He asked what he was made of, and how God got the eyes in. He told about somebody's having a tooth out and went into dreadful details. And then he got off on a worse tack, and asked Archie where his wife was, and when Archie said he wasn't married, he sighed and looked so sorry, and said: 'Wasn't you ever marwied, Archie? Not even once? He simply spoiled our morning.

Thrice at a crisis I pawned my watch, and thrice I rallied and rescued it. But how am I to interest you in the details of such a career?