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During the months in camp he had been wholly absorbed in new work and new friendships, and now his own neighbourhood came to him with the freshness of things that have been forgotten for a long while, came together before his eyes as a harmonious whole. He was going away, and he would carry the whole countryside in his mind, meaning more to him than it ever had before.

Did the nectarean sentiments take kindly? There was no scarcity, I hope, of seraphic feelings?" The friends, who amid the beauties of nature and in the lovely evening would have been glad to indulge their feelings in harmonious reminiscences, endeavoured to get rid of him, but as they were returning by the same road to the city, this was impossible.

"Wanda!" "You see," she continued, "that would be a way out. You won't ever lose me then. I care deeply for you and intellectually we are harmonious, and I should like to live with you always, if in addition to you I might have " "What an idea," I cried. "You fill me with a sort of horror." "Do you love me any the less?" "On the contrary." Wanda had raised herself on her left arm.

But if we estimate a man's artistry by the same standard, whatever the form of art in which it expresses itself, rating him by his power of co-ordinating and composing notes or forms or colors into a harmonious and beautiful unity, then must we place Raphael pretty near where he used to be placed, admitting but a choice few of the very greatest to any equality with him.

The language itself is, generally speaking, harmonious, most of the words terminating in vowels, as will be perceived from the subjoined vocabulary, which is as correct as circumstances would admit of our obtaining.

And I say that the English reliance on our religious organizations and on their ideas of human perfection just as they stand, is like our reliance on freedom, on muscular Christianity, on population, on coal, on wealth, mere belief in machinery, and unfruitful; and that it is wholesomely counteracted by culture, bent on seeing things as they are, and on drawing the human race onwards to a more complete, a harmonious perfection.

And few of the men who were there, I know, but judged me a happy man, in spite of all the shame and dishonour that had come upon my name. "The air was full of music, full of harmonious scents, full of the rhythm of beautiful motions.

He put his whole soul into what moved him for the time; and a certain excess of passionate intellectual emotion evidently speaks in some of the most striking of the ‘Pensées.’ We may imagine how in someperhaps in manycases they would have been toned down had he lived to revise and refashion them into a harmonious whole.

Music arouses the innermost emotions of the soul and its effect on the individual is proportionate to his degree of spiritual development. Music is harmony, but it also creates an atmosphere of harmony. The music of the spheres is a living reality, for Harmony is the very essence of the Cosmos. By Music of the Spheres is meant the harmonious interrelation of all spiritual planes.

It really annoyed me to note that I was picking out mentally the place to which I should conduct Phyllis in order to have the harmonious environment adapted to a sentimental proposition. I remembered that down by the river, just beyond the willows, there was an old tree where Sylvia and I ah, so many years ago! had sat and talked of our lives before us.