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But there is a nobler and profounder Christianity which affirms the sacred mystery of Equality, and forbids the glaring futility and folly of vengeance, often politely called punishment or justice. The gibbet part of Christianity is tolerated. The other is criminal felony.

Whenever all communities are conducted in accordance with these principles, these very conditions of their prosperous existence, then all mankind will be equal, each enjoying his equality in his own community, and not till then.

There was not the slightest show of exultation or of a purpose to demand equality, in view of what had taken place. His old manner returned, and he acted as if they were all strangers to him. They exchanged significant, wondering glances, and after a brief consultation retired to the dining-room, where coffee and sandwiches were waiting.

Vigors had, from what he had heard and now seen of Easy, thought he had somebody else to play upon, and without ceremony he commenced. "So, my chap, you are come on board to raise a mutiny here with your equality you came off scot free at the captain's table; but it won't do, I can tell you, even in the midshipman's berth some must knock under, and you are one of them."

They wrote a conservative platform and named for their candidate Abraham Lincoln, the one man in their party who had denounced John Brown's deeds, the man who had declared in his debates with Douglas that he did not believe in making negroes voters or jurors, that he did not believe in the equality of the races, that he did not believe that two such races could ever live together in a Democracy on terms of political or social equality.

But, nevertheless, the principle remained the same: equality had sanctioned possession; equality sanctioned property.

It would still be in force, inasmuch as English officials were directed, according to the sacred formula, to decide by 'equality, justice, and good conscience. These attractive words meant practically 'an imperfect understanding of an imperfect recollection of not very recent editions of English text-books. Something might be said for shrewd mother-wit, and something for a thorough legal system.

She smiled sadly as she answered: "It is his due, and can make no difference now. Tell her what seems best." Meanwhile, Geoffrey was busy in the cañon camp. With Black and Mattawa Tom beside him, he stood holding as symbol, both of equality and authority, a bright ax in his hand, while driller, laborer, and machine-tender, wondering greatly, were passed in review before him.

To be elected a member was indeed a difficult matter, as superiority of understanding alone paved the way to it. The society boasted of the highest ton and the most cultivated taste, and such indeed was its fame throughout all Venice. This, as well as the appearance of equality which predominated in it, attracted the prince irresistibly.

The executive branch has been making real progress toward full equality of treatment and opportunity in the Armed Forces, in the civil service, and in private firms working for the Government. Further advances require action by Congress, and I hope that means will be provided to give the Members of the Senate and the House a chance to vote on them.