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A comparison of the number of those put to death in the United States for crime by the courts, and on a charge of crime by a mob, for the past three years shows these results: Executed by Judicial Sentence. Lynched. Total. A large majority of those lynched were negroes, and met their fate in the South.

And as for their relation to the cotton crop. You say they are succeeding in it. Perhaps. But did they learn the uses of cotton, did they develop machinery to clean and spin it, or devices for weaving? Was it negroes who worked out the best means of cultivating the cotton or experimented on the nature of the most fertile soils? Not a bit of it.

Sundays and fête days are days of rest for the negro; no sale of negroes or any other commodity can take place on those days. Free men who have children by slaves, and masters who permit the connection, are liable to a fine of two thousand pounds of sugar. If the guilty person be a master, his slave and her children are confiscated for the benefit of the hospital, and cannot be freed.

"'Do you think so? said Gen. McGregor. "'Yes; most assuredly. "'Yes, added Smite; 'we are in no hurry; this war cannot be rushed through; and if this Administration is going to do what I understand it is, there are some of us who will not submit. "'What is that? inquired McGregor. "'Free the negroes. We will not stand that. We want you to be up and dressed.

As a result of this legislation the Negro was placed in positions of responsibility; within the next few years the race sent two senators and thirteen representatives to Congress, and in some of the state legislatures, as in South Carolina, Negroes were decidedly in the majority.

I have thought a great deal on the condition of the negroes in our country, of late. I would like to see every man and woman that God has made, free, could it be accomplished to their advantage. I see the evils of slavery, it is sometimes a curse on the master as well as the slave. "When I purchased Sarah; when I saw those grieving, throbbing souls, my own was overwhelmed with sympathy for them.

Negroes to the number of at least a hundred and fifty were gathered about a pile of logs on which Polete was mounted. He was shouting in a monotone, his voice rising and falling in regular cadence, his eyes closed, his head tilted back, his face turned toward the moon, whose light silvered his hair and beard and gave a certain majesty to his appearance.

Livingstone ordered two negroes to carry them to the side piazza, where they were soon mounted by three or four little darkies, Thomas Jefferson among the rest. "John, John" said Mrs. Nichols, "them niggers won't scent my things, will they?"

There he strolled about, hand in hand with his little son Tad, greeted by exultant negroes, and stared at by angry or curious Confederates, while he visited the former prison of the Northern prisoners and other places of more pleasant attraction without receiving any annoyance from the inhabitants.

There was no material increase in the slave population thereafter until the end of the eighteenth century when some Negroes came from the original thirteen. The Ordinance of 1787 did not disturb the relation of slave and master. Some pioneers thought that the sixth article exterminated slavery there; others contended that it did not.