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Thanks to the rapid judicial advance and administrative reforms of the past generation, the jury was now a familiar institution everywhere and was used for many purposes.

He dropped that skairful look in a minute, and put on a firm, judicial one. He gin up; he could not skair me to death: and says he, "Oh, yes! they have been changed in cases of necessity." Says I, "For instance, durin' the late war, it was changed to make Northern men cheap blood-hounds and hunters." "Yes," he said. "It seemed to be a case of necessity and econimy."

The press, which the premier reported was irritated by his censorship the press which must have sensation, the traffic of its trade should have a detailed account of how one of our indomitable regiments placarded a private as coward, proving thereby that the army was a unit of aggressive zeal. "You are alone one man in a million in your ideas!" he declared, with judicial gravity.

Such was slavery in its origin: a commutation for death, gladly accepted as mercy under the arm of a conqueror in battle, or as the mitigation of a judicial sentence. But it led immediately to nefarious abuses; and the earliest records which tell us of its existence show us also that men were kidnapped for sale.

I took part only in the commencement of the same by setting forth the political and judicial situation in accordance with the information furnished me by the Emperor himself, as it was thereupon reported to me by Major Count von Nostitz, by direction of General von Moltke, that your Majesty wished to see the Emperor only after the capitulation of the army had been concluded on the receipt of which announcement the hope cherished by the opposite party of securing other terms than those decided on was given up.

I adopted her tone at once. "Let us begin with judicial questioning then. Was Lady Tressidy at home when you came out?" "No" laughing "or I couldn't have come on my bicycle. She won't be at home to lunch either, and she need never find me out in my iniquity, except that even though my foot is not so very bad I shall be sure to limp.

At fifty years she was still as slender as a girl tall and too slender, but the small shapely head was set gracefully on the neck as a flower upon its stalk. Her hair, which was wholly silvered, was still abundant and glossily brushed. Her mind was not judicial. She was more quick to decide than to comprehend, full of intense activities and emotions.

"But more damaging than any other is the criticism which Foxe receives at the hands of Mr. James Gairdner, the fullness of whose knowledge is matched only by the calm judicial manner in which he deals with the martyrologist's stories as he encounters them in his own history. Discussing each case on its merits, and giving full weight to the evidence on either side, Mr.

"Very ugly; worse than Miss Filberte." "Miss Filberte's not so bad." "Yes, she is, Fritz, you know she is. But I mean ever so much worse; with a purple complexion, perhaps, like Mrs. Armington, whose husband insisted on a judicial separation; or a broken nose, or something wrong with my mouth " "What wrong?" "Oh, dear, anything! What l'homme qui vir had or a frightful scar across my cheek.

According to popular belief her cruelty proceeded from cannibal propensities, but this was not confirmed by the judicial investigation. Details in the Russki Arkhiv, 1865, pp. 644-652. The atrocities practised on the estate of Count Araktcheyef, the favourite of Alexander I. at the commencement of last century, have been frequently described, and are scarcely less revolting.