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"They both met at the dentist's, who it seems had only time to pull one tooth. The question arose as to which it should be. 'I'm so brave, said one, 'that I can wait till to-morrow. 'I'm such a coward, said the other, 'that I don't dare have it done to-day." "Haven't you ever taken people to those places, Peter?" asked Leonore. "No. I've always refused.

He isn't going to have you." That reassured her somewhat. She essayed a shaky laugh. "You'll think me a shocking coward," she said. "But do you know, I'm horribly frightened at him." "Are you frightened at me too?" Max enquired unexpectedly. She shook her head without looking at him. "Quite sure?" he persisted. She raised her eyes with a feeling that he must be convinced of this at all costs.

She disdained the attentions of the most potent prince if his addresses were not honorable. Nor would she bestow her love on one of whom she was not proud. She would not marry a coward or a braggart, even if he were the owner of ten thousand acres.

"It has less attraction to-day, anyway," the lawyer responded without turning. A short laugh punctuated his prompt reply. "You mean the Nancy McDonald business?" Sarah Nisson laid her mail aside. "Yes." The lawyer sighed and turned from his contemplation of the snow. He moved across to the stove. "I'm a bit of a coward, Sally," he went on, holding out his hands to the warmth.

You shouldn't have allowed me or anybody else to shake your confidence in that knowledge. Try to remember that. And another thing: when you get into a dangerous place, don't turn coward. That isn't going to help matters any. It was a good enough lesson, but pretty hardly learned.

I could drive on forever." But later, alone with Susan, she looked hard at her: "So you fainted yesterday?" "Oh, I'm a perfect coward," returned the other, frankly. Kate's mind rapidly swept the rough and troubled past; the haphazard sea upon which they had embarked so long ago "Dear me!" she remarked quietly, and Susan turned to conceal a blush.

"I am not a coward," said the big King. "I have killed in battle scores of my enemies; by the might of my sword and my good right arm I have conquered many nations; all my life people have feared me. But no one would dare face the tremendous power of the Prince of Pingaree, boy though he is. It would not be courage, it would be folly, to attempt it."

"What do you mean?" I asked, and I did not speak gently. She gazed at me without flinching. "And I suppose," she said satirically, "you wonder why I why you are repellent to me. Haven't you learned that, though I may have been made into a moral coward, I'm not a physical coward? Don't bully and threaten. It's useless." I put my hand strongly on her shoulder taunts and jeers do not turn me aside.

Then they drafted me; and I tried to tell them it was an outrage, but they gave me the choice between Fort Lafayette and Kay's Cavalry.... And I took the Cavalry and waited.... I wouldn't have gone as far as to fight against the flag if they had let me alone.... I only had my private opinion that the South was more in the right than we the North was.... I'm old enough to have an opinion about niggers, and I'm no coward either.... They drove me to this; I didn't want to kill people who were more in the right than we were.... But they made me enlist and I couldn't stand it.... And now, if I've got to fight, I'll fight bullies and brutes who "

"Now you must rest again before we start for home." Leo would have been very willing to do without more rest, remembering his alarm, but he could not be so selfish as to deprive his companion of it; so he at once assented, tempted to ask only that he might not be left quite so long again alone. But fearing this would imply distrust, and being really no coward, he said nothing.

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