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Yet, when these strangers are enemies, and our death is at their hands when every shriek or moan elicits only jeers and laughter, how unspeakably dreadful is the fate!

The woman backed against the wall nearest to her, held feeble, emaciated hands up to her ears in a vain endeavour to shut out the hideous jeers and ribald jokes which were the natural weapons of this untamed crowd. Soon blows began to rain; not a few fell upon the unfortunate woman. She screamed, and the more she screamed the louder did the crowd jeer, the uglier became its temper.

The men and officers looked very conscious and uncomfortable under the gamut of jeers, for word went along the line, and all along the route to the rear they passed through this clamor of contemptuous outcry.

The bedizened porter whistled fatuously at a passing taxicab, which though fareless held steadfast to its way, while the driver acknowledged the signal only with jeers and disgraceful gestures, after the manner of his kind.

Have I not fought till I was ill? But never did I put forth a hope that it was not withered in the bud! My every enthusiasm you stamped into the ground; every advance that I made why you smote me in the face! And all my ardor, my confidence, my trust has it ever met with anything but jeers? Yes, and now you turn away this revolts you!

Revenge! lest the names Dacotah and Mighty Hand become things for jeers and laughter in the women's tents!" The Indian was quite frantic with passion, and as he flung his wild appeal to his people the murmurs suddenly burst into a flood of angry roars knives were snatched from their sheaths, a hundred arms were lifted, and the circle quickly closed upon the helpless men.

He could not finish his dinner, and went away amid a chorus of jeers. He went home indignant, choking with rage, with confusion, the more cast down since with his Norman craftiness he was, perhaps, capable of having done what they accused him of and even of boasting of it as a good trick. He was dimly conscious that it was impossible to prove his innocence, his craftiness being so well known.

"We'll travel if you don't feel called on to go back an' stomp out the mist, Shorty," he added with sarcasm. The cowpuncher took the trail again. Like many men, he was not proof against a sneer. Dug was probably right, Shorty decided, and he did not want to make a fool of himself. Doble would ride him with heavy jeers all day. An hour later they rested their horses on the divide.

Though in these days, in our jog-trot Old England, half a step on the road to greatness is the utmost we can hop; and all England jeers at the man attempting it. He caps himself with this or that one of their titles. For it is not the popular thing among Englishmen. Their hero, when they have done their fighting, is the wealthy patron of Sport. What sort of creatures are his comrades?

When the reading was over: "It is detestable," said the king; "it shall never be played; the Bastille would have to be destroyed to make the production of this play anything but a dangerous inconsistency. This fellow jeers at all that should be respected in a government."

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