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This base proposition to purchase the services of the Directory was rejected with disdain; and the French executive government, in the persons of its agents, withdrew abashed, and did not prosecute the disgraceful measures any further. Indeed, the envoys refused to have any further intercourse with them.

Your are very fortunate in having it in your power, at so serious a moment, to secure her pardon for an offence that is always visited in war with a punishment graver than any other." "In what way can this be done, Monsieur le Capitaine? I am not one who despises life; more especially when it is in danger of being lost by a disgraceful death."

"It appears that I correctly interpreted your strategy, though I dared not even mention my plan to my executive officer." "I have fallen into my own trap, and being captured as I was, is disgraceful to me," added Captain Winnlock, as his name proved to be; and the steamer was the Watauga.

"Ah, the Morning Post!" echoed Chilminster, also changing front. "There was a disgraceful announcement." "Half of it certainly was irksome." "Which half?" asked Jeannette suspiciously. "I have no conscientious scruples about matrimony in the abstract," parried Chilminster. "But I have. I object altogether to the paragraph. I resent it." "Then you did not insert it?" "I insert it?

"Suppose we consult Charlie?" "He's a man, and he'll do the best he can." "Yes, he's very cute is Charlie." Charlie gave an ear unto Olwen, and he replied: "You been done in. It's disgraceful how's she's took everything that were best." "She had nothing to go on with," said Olwen. "And it will come back. It will be all Jennie's." "What guarantee have you of that? That's my question.

'Be a disgraceful fool, I suppose, said Evan: and Raikes went on with his breakfast, as if to be such occasionally was the distinguished fate of a gentleman, of which others, not so happy in their birth, might well be envious. Raikes tapped an egg, and his flexible brows exhibited a whole Bar of contending arguments within.

He had several daughters, who weighed on his conscience like the reproachful memory of a disgraceful materialism, but some were already nuns and the others were on the way, while the idealism of the artist increased as these evidences of his impurity disappeared from the house and went to hide away in a convent where they upheld the artistic prestige of their father.

It's a hanging matter, and the duke's interest will be to do you justice, for an act of scoundrelism like this committed by his officers would dishonour him all over Europe." I felt some repugnance to this course, for though the duke was a shameless libertine I did not like telling him such a disgraceful story.

They appeared to be pretty familiar with the ins and outs of the big town, and though on this occasion they occupied their time in no more disgraceful a way than waiting on the harbour pier to see the mail steamer come in, they yet felt, all three of them, as if they would by no means like to be seen by any one who knew them.

She had been under the impression that Lady Caroline ordered the meals and therefore was responsible for the prices, but now it appeared that the cook had been left to do exactly as she pleased ever since they got there, which of course was simply disgraceful. Scrap was not in her bedroom, but the room, on Mrs.

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