Her father had not yet said she was to stay; but she thought he liked her Belle told her as much and she set about making her woman's hand felt. Her father took his meals at the eating-house, and the cottage had been indifferently cared for by old Henry, the eating-house porter. Kate, as a housekeeper, was a marked improvement, one that even so absorbed a man as her father could not but notice.

The movements of the artillery sounded at times as if it was coming into the other's line. Hospital parties could be heard on both sides in search of the wounded. The light of the fires could be seen for miles on either side, where the men were getting their scanty meals and perhaps their last one. Rosenfelt was busy all night in giving directions for the morrow.

A country that closes its banks and post-offices for two hours in the middle of the day, while it goes home and enjoys a comfortable meal in the bosom of its family, with, perhaps, forty winks by way of dessert, cannot hope, and possibly has no wish, to compete with a people that takes its meals standing, and sleeps with a telephone over its bed.

Everyone who possesses but a rudimentary knowledge of the Chinese knows that he troubles most about the two meals every day should bring him, and this seems to be the pervading line of thought of seven-eighths of the men I saw on the padang at drill.

But but it was as my wife I wanted your help." "My wife." Kitty was not surprised. At eighteen one reasons as the bird flies. Since she passed the six straight evergreens yonder she had learned that life was not an old book-house, a few sad and merry tunes, meals, and a bench to dream on. It was work for Christ.

He was stirring his tea, in a brown study, nor did he note that Vashti's eyes were resting on him with an amused smile. She supposed these fits of abstraction to be habitual with him, due to living and taking his meals alone; but in fact his thoughts were wrestling with two or three very urgent problems. To begin with, he had plunged yet deeper in debt to Mr. Tregaskis.

I can't see for my life as there is anything so extraordinary to be done in this matter of housekeeping: only three meals a day to be got and cleared off and it really seems to take up the whole of their mind from morning till night. I could keep house without so much of a flurry, I know." Now, prithee, good brother, listen to my story, and see how much you know about it.

It would have been strange if all these troubles together had not made a great revolution in a man like Monsieur, full-bodied, and a great eater, not only at meals, but all the day. On Thursday, the 8th of June, he went from Saint Cloud to dine with the King at Marly; and, as was his custom, entered the cabinet as soon as the Council of State went out.

Critical women learned at last that a competent cook can really produce better food than an incompetent one; albeit without the sanctity of the home. "Sanctity of your bootstraps!" protested one irascible gentleman. "Such talk is all nonsense! I don't want sacred meals I want good ones and I'm getting them, at last!"

They took an intraship shuttle to Mess One, intended for senior officers and at this hour quite empty, unlike the always-busy Mess Three. They got their meals and ate silently while Corina decided on her plans. "The first thing, I think," she finally said, "is to find anyone else aboard with mind shields, to make a combat group. "Right," Medart agreed, "since unshielded ones wouldn't last long.