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If the Ordinary spoke to him of the affairs of the soul, Trippuck immediately cut him short with, D'ye believe I can obtain a pardon? I don't know that, indeed, says the doctor. But you know one Counsellor Such-a-one, says Trippuck, prithee make use of your interest with him, and see whether you can get him to serve me. I'll not be ungrateful, doctor.

"I prithee be plain, man," said the lady, "or fetch some one who can speak to purpose." "Why, odds-my-life, madam," said the steward, "mine errand can speak for itself. Do you not hear them low? Do you not hear them bleat? A yoke of fat oxen, and half a score prime wethers.

'Prithee be quiet, they returned, 'and do not think of impossibilities, though, if indeed you could open some way of escape, so that we should not be condemned as madmen for trying as it were to pull the sun out of the heavens, then we would risk our lives; and you may be sure of silence.

And she answered him with the following verse: If, O my friend, thou hast indeed wept tears of blood for me, I prithee, give them me to drink, upon thine eyes and head! Then she took the cup and drank it off to her sisters' health; and they continued to drink and make merry, dancing and laughing and singing and reciting verses and ballads.

He telleth it always in the third person, making believe he is too modest to glorify himself maledictions light upon him, misfortune be his dole! Good friend, prithee call me for evensong." The boy nestled himself upon my shoulder and pretended to go to sleep.

What was Ney's paternal coat, prithee, or honest Junot's quarterings, or the venerable escutcheon of King Joachim's father, the innkeeper? You and I, dear Miss Smith, know the exact value of heraldic bearings.

But 'tis the spirit of thy nation; so crack crack on. Ha! and no one gives the wall! but in the School of Urbanity herself, if the walls are besh..t how can you do otherwise? And prithee when do they light the lamps? What? never in the summer months! Ho! 'tis the time of sallads. O rare! sallad and soup soup and sallad sallad and soup, encore 'Tis too much for sinners.

"We fled from the offence of the sumptuous kitchen; we stayed our stomach with rancid fare; few in the old days loved cooked juices. "A dish with no sauce of herbs gave us the flesh of rams and swine. We partook temperately, tainting nothing with bold excess. "Thou who now lickest the milk-white fat, put on, prithee, the spirit of a man; remember Frode, and avenge thy father's death.

Prithee now, Mr. Sec., when shall we have the oysters? Will you be merry to-night, Count?" "Certainly; if one may find absolution for the champagne." "I'll absolve you, with a vengeance, on condition that you'll walk home with me, and protect the poor parson from the Mohawks. Faith, they ran young Davenant's chair through with a sword, t' other night.

"Prithee, woman," says Mrs Waters, "cease your impertinence: how can you imagine I should concern myself about anything which comes from the lips of such low creatures as yourself? But I am surprized at your assurance in thinking, after what is past, that I will condescend to put on any of your dirty things. I would have you know, creature, I have a spirit above that."

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