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The student whom I have mentioned had a few books of poetry, and among them the complete works of Byron in one thick volume bound in calf, and printed on cheap, thin paper. He himself had written verses before his conversion. He now looked upon his poets as witnesses of his former sinful state.

'Tis a good world, and experience should be bought early. This golden lesson I leave in return for the guineas. Believe me, 'tis of more worth. Read over those verses on the windowpane before starting, digest them, and trust me, thy obliged, "Peter, The Jackman. "Raise not thy hand so often to thy breast: 'tis a sure index of hidden valuables."

Paul further desires us to 'love one another with pure hearts, fervently; adding, 'for love is the fulfilling of the law. Much more might be said on this subject; but I will detain the meeting no longer than merely to repeat a few verses from a poem of Southey's, written on the battle of Blenheim; which, as they coincide with my opinions, afford me much satisfaction, because they testify that I do not differ in sentiment from all mankind:

Blessed interpolator of St. John! There are three marvelous novels in the Bible not Novels in the sense of fiction, but in the sense of vivid, living narratives of human emotions and of events. A million Novels rest on those nine verses in John, and the nine verses are better than the million books.

Bayle says that his Latin and French verses "are not amiss."

Repeat them, even if you seem to yourself not to feel them. There is a holy power that will work on you at last; and when you can truly pray, the dark hour will pass. 'Mark them, said Sophy. There was some space, while she gave him the book, and he showed her the verses. Then he rose to go. 'I wish I had not spoilt the visit, she said, wistfully, at last.

"I recite those verses of Cowley, which so mightily agree with my constitution. "Business! the frivolous pretence Of human lusts to shake off innocence: Business! the grave impertinence: Business! the thing which I of all things hate: Business! the contradiction of my fate. "Or I repeat my own lines, written in my Clerk state:

"Ban, ban, ca Caliban Get a new master Be a new man." Although Tressilian did not recollect the verses, yet they reminded him that Wayland had once been a stage player, a circumstance which, of itself, accounted indifferently well for the readiness with which he could assume so total a change of personal appearance.

She said: "You are reciting verses that I do not know. I know only Metastasio. My teacher liked only Metastasio. What is the hour when the mind has divine visions?" "Madame, that hour is the dawn of the day. It may be also the dawn of faith and of love."

Easy travelling, books in plenty, living cheap and tolerably good what can a man wish for but a little grace and good taste in dress amongst women? Men of science abound in Italy the Papal Government discouraged them at Rome; but the country cannot be said to be behind the world in knowledge. Poets, too, are plenty; I never read their verses.

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