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The sectional Committee sent down some spies this morning to be on the look-out for him on or about this house. Have you got him?" "Not yet, citizen. But " "Ah ca, citizen sergeant," broke in the other brusquely, "meseems that your zeal has been even more at fault than I had supposed. Have you done anything at all, then, in the matter of Lenegre or the Englishman?"

In consequence either of her frivolous youth or of the air of Paris, which she had breathed from her childhood's days, there was rooted in her a kind of universal scepticism, which usually found expression in the words, "Tout ça c'est des bêtises." She spoke an incorrect, but purely Parisian jargon, did not talk scandal, and had no caprices what more could one expect from a governess?

I remember, they said she was called the Ca Ira; and I always supposed that it was the name of some old Greek or Roman or, perhaps, of one of their new-fangled republican saints." "They! D n 'em, they've got no saints to name, my good fellow, since they cashiered all the old ones!

'I'll explain the thing to ye, sir, in as feow words as I can, answered Kirsty, dropping her English. 'The young laird has taen 't intil his heid that he didna carry himsel like a man i' the siege, and it's grown to be in him what they ca' a fixt idea.

He said that there was no need to praise the first troops sent by Britain to France everyone knew their value; but it should be a great satisfaction to Britain to find that the new Army was living up to the traditions of the old Army. He added: "We can describe the new army of Britain in two words: 'Ça mord' it bites."

And he was clever at his books tae, a graund scholar, they said, and ettlin' at bein' what they ca' a dipplemat, But that' a' bye wi'." "Quentin Kennedy the fellow in the Tins?" Heritage asked. "I saw him in Rome when he was with the Mission." "I dinna ken. He was a brave sodger, but he wasna long fechtin' in France till he got a bullet in his breist.

Ca Boo-Ug planted his in a rich place in the garden, but Ca Matsin planted his in the ashes in the fireplace, because it was easy, and then, too, he could look at it often and see how pretty it was. Ca Matsin laughed as he thought how he had cheated Ca Boo-Ug, but soon his part began to wither and die, and he was very angry. With Ca Boo-Ug it was different.

Robert clambered on to the top of this car, and presently found himself confronted by a gentleman splendid in appearance but of homely speech who waved bundles of tickets in his face, and inquired tersely "Penny or tippeny? or transfair?" "I am seeking the Dalry Road," said Robert cautiously. "Which end o't?" "I couldna say." "Ca' it a penny," said the conductor.

She fixed her eyes boldly and keenly upon Sharpitlaw "You are too much of a gentleman, sir, too much of an honest man, to take any notice of what a poor creature like me says, that can hardly ca' my senses my ain God help me!" "Advantage!

Ere we could make it fast it had me jammed against the mast. Well, well," he added, looking round at the walls of the room, "here are all my old curios, the same as ever: the narwhal's horn from the Arctic, and the blowfish from the Moluccas, and the paddles from Fiji, and the picture of the Ca Ira with Lord Hotham in chase.

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