God! but I couldna help laughing when I heard Jock skirting for mercy in the lads' hands. Mony a het skin ye hae gien me, neighbour, thought I, tak ye what's gaun: time about's fair play; ye'll ken now what hanging's gude for." "Come, come, this is all nonsense, Rat," said the procurator.

I'd be dam'd afore I'd tak' that." "You're owre ill to please," said the other. "You're never satisfied wi' a fair thing. Didn't you hear as weel as me that there was a danger o' war breakin' oot at the present time, an' we couldna possibly hae a strike at a time like this." "War!" retorted Davie, heatedly.

And he was baith civil and just in his dealings; and if he thought his chapman had made a hard bargain, he wad gie him a luck-penny to the mends. I hae ken'd him gie back five shillings out o' the pund sterling." "Twenty-five per cent," said Owen "a heavy discount." "He wad gie it though, sir, as I tell ye; mair especially if he thought the buyer was a puir man, and couldna stand by a loss.

"The de'il wad look into his face, And swear he couldna wrang him."

Then the keening cry smote the air as Barbara MacKim sank on her knees and lifted up her hands to heaven. "Oh, the bonny laddies the twa bonny, bonny laddies! Mair than my ain bairns I loved them. When their ain mother wasna able for mortal weakness to rear him, William Douglas drew his life frae me. What for, Sholto, are ye standin' there to tell the tale? What for couldna ye have died wi' him?

It was with great difficulty that I got him pacified; but unfortunately the joke was oure good to be forgotten, and when it was afterwards spread abroad, as it happened to take its birth in my house, it was laid to my charge, and many a time was I obligated to tell all about it, and how it couldna be meant for me, but had been incurred by Bailie Pirlet's conceit of spinning out long perjink speeches.

"She spirited hersel awa', the magerful crittur." "What! But I heard you say " "Ay, they had her aince, but they couldna keep her. It's like a witch story. They had her safe in the townhouse, and baith shirra and captain guarding her, and syne in a clink she wasna there.

What do you think of Glasgow? The dear gray old college in the High Street! I went there myself, David, and I have many friends among its professors." "I'd like Glasca', fine." "Then it shall be Glasgow; and I will see Dr. Balmuto. He will not oppose your going, I am sure." "Aboot Maggie, sir? I couldna seek my ain pleasure or profit at her loss.

"Father," said James, "I thank God that noo ye ken a'! Eh, sic a weicht as it taks aff o' me! I'll be hale and weel noo in ae day! I think I'll gang wi' ye to Isy, mysel! But I'm a wee bit sorry ye cam in jist that minute! I wuss ye had harkit a wee langer! For I wasna giein-in to my mother; I was but thinkin hoo to say oot what was in me, ohn vext her waur nor couldna be helpit.

But there were cheers when I'd done; it was nae just clapping of the hands they gie'd me. It brought the tears to my een to hear them. And I knew then that I'd made a whole new countryful of friends that nicht for after that I couldna hae doots aboot the way they'd be receiving me elsewhere. Even sae, the papers surprised me the next morning. They did sae much more than just praise me!