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Burns's love songs are in many keys, ranging from strains of the most pure and exalted passion, like Ae Fond Kiss and To Mary in Heaven, to such loose ditties as When Januar Winds, and Green Grow the Rashes O.

Oot o' my sicht, I tell ye! Lord, I kenna hoo I'm to win ower 't! No to a' eternity, I doobt!" He turned from her with a tearing groan, and went feeling for the open door, like one struck blind. "Oh, father, father!" cried James, "forgie my mither afore ye gang, or my hert 'ill brak. It's the awfu'est thing o' ony to see you twa striven!" "She's no sorry, no ae bit sorry!" said Peter.

At last he burst out with: 'It's no conception which Americans have of their president that he should take the place and the duties of God Omnipotent in the world," One day I went to discuss Irish labor with AE. I climbed up to that most curious of all magazine offices the Irish Homestead office up under the roof of Plunkett House.

First let me know if this young man be really what he pretends. Nick, make his affidavit. 'Ow, he is just a wud harum-scarum creature, that wad never take to his studies; daft, sir, clean daft. 'Deft! said the Justice; 'what d'ye mean by deft eh? 'Just Fifish, replied Peter; 'wowf a wee bit by the East Nook or sae; it's a common case the ae half of the warld thinks the tither daft.

"I dinna blame ye, Isy! but there's jist ae thing I'm determined upo and that is that the rascal sail merry ye!" Isy's face flushed; she was taken too much at unawares to hide her pleasure at such a word from his mouth. But the flush faded, and presently Mr. Blatherwick saw that she was fighting with herself, and getting the better of that self.

No second tear crept on the lady's lashes, and, with her hand in the king's hand, they paced together towards the palace, while behind them, in melancholy mood, Crimthann mac Ae led the horses and the chariot.

Whan I'm sittin' here o' the girse, hearkenin' to the water, as it comes murrin', and soufflin', and gurglin', on to me, and syne by me and awa', as gin it war spinnin' and twistin' a lot o' bonnie wee sounies a' intil ae muckle gran' soun', it pits me i' min' o' the text that says, 'His voice was as the sound o' mony waters. Noo his face is licht ye ken that, divna ye? and gin his voice be like the water, there maun be something like atween the licht and the water, ye ken.

Ae fond kiss, and then we sever! Ae farewell, and then forever! Deep in heart-wrung tears I'll pledge thee, Warring sighs and groans I'll wage thee. Who shall say that Fortune grieves him While the star of hope she leaves him? Me, nae cheerfu' twinkle lights me; Dark despair around benights me.

'He's nae amo' your feet, MacGregor, said the banker. 'Ye micht jist lat him lie. 'Gin I had him doon, faith gin I wadna lat him lie! I'll jist tell ye ae thing, gentlemen, that cam' to my knowledge no a hunner year ago. An' it's a' as true 's gospel, though I hae aye held my tongue aboot it till this verra nicht.

"I don't see anything very attractive in your description," said his lordship. "And where," he added, looking around him, "would be the garden?" "What cud ye want wi' a gairden, an' the sea oot afore ye there? The sea's bonnier than ony gairden. A gairden's maist aye the same, or it changes sae slow, wi' the ae flooer gaein' in, an' the ither flooer comin' oot, 'at ye maist dinna nottice the odds.