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Mony an honester woman's been set upon it than streeks doon beside ony Whig in the country. I mysell' Here John Mucklewrath, who dreaded her entering upon a detail of personal experience, interposed his matrimonial authority.

There is indeed a Merchant of Egypt, who just knows me by sight, having formerly remitted me some Mony to Grand Cairo; but as I am not versed in the Modern Coptick, our Conferences go no further than a Bow and a Grimace. This grand Scene of Business gives me an infinite Variety of solid and substantial Entertainments.

"Him followed mony foul drunkart With can and callop, cup and quart, In surfeit and excess." "Drink, aye they cried," with their parched lips; and the fiends gave them hot lead to lap. Minstrels, it appears, are not to be found in that dismal place:

"God grant that she be gane to a better place!" said Edie, as he looked on the lifeless body; "but oh! there was something lying hard and heavy at her heart. I have seen mony a ane dee, baith in the field o' battle, and a fair-strae death at hame; but I wad rather see them a' ower again, as sic a fearfu' flitting as hers!"

I saw him today at Milnwood with his old puritanical b of a mother, and if I had thought I was to have had him cast in my dish, I would have brought him up at my horse's tail we had law enough to bear us out." "Very weel, very weel See if Cuddie winna hae a lang shot at you ane o' thae days, if ye gar him tak the muir wi' sae mony honest folk.

"Thanks to ye! God bless ye a', bairns! I've gotten out o' mony a snare when I was waur deserving o' deliverance I shall escape like a bird from the fowler. Play out your play, and never mind me I am mair grieved for the puir lad that's gane, than for aught they can do to me."

And others there are that disguise themselves so excessively with strong Waters, that a whole day long they can hardly close their Floud-gates. Insomuch that it is easie to be seen that they are in effect of less value then old Iron, Boots and Shoes, &c. for we find both Merchants and mony ready alwaies to buy those commodities.

'Troth, Laird, and there was muckle want o' you, and the like o' you; for there was a whin bonnie lasses there, forbye mysell, and deil ane to gie them hansels. 'Weel, Meg, and how mony gipsies were sent to the tolbooth? 'Troth, but three, Laird, for there were nae mair in the fair, bye mysell, as I said before, and I e'en gae them leg-bail, for there's nae ease in dealing wi' quarrelsome fowk.

"I'm thinkin', my leddy," he went on, in absolute simplicity, "that sma' fut o' yer ain has danced mony a braw dance on mony a braw flure." "How old do you take me for then?" she rejoined, and went on drawing the garment over her foot by the shortest possible stages. "Ye'll no be muckle ower twenty," he said. "I'm only sixteen," she returned, laughing merrily.

Whilest the husband, perceiving that the Wife seeks to deceive and take the key from him, is alwaies possessed with abhominable suspicions; certainly thinking that she is minded to make some unnecessary thing or other, or to hide some mony from him; which makes him watch her waters so much the stricter; and is not ashamed to give out and make what he hath a mind to for his own pleasure.