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"I hae had my ain way, and I hae said my ain say, and now I'll e'en gae gin this auld fule be done wi' me." "We have done with you; you can stand down," replied Mr. Keir, in mortification and disgust. Rose Cameron stepped down from the stand with the air of a queen descending from her throne. In look and motion she was graceful and majestic as the antelope.

But she clung to her brother's neighbourhood, she knew not why. "Will ye no gie's a kiss, Dand?" she said. "I aye likit ye fine." He kissed her and considered her a moment; he found something strange in her. But he was a libertine through and through, nourished equal contempt and suspicion of all womankind, and paid his way among them habitually with idle compliments. "Gae wa' wi' ye!" said he.

Wauverley, put it a' into my hand frae the beginning frae the first calling o' the summons, as I may say. I circumvented them I played at bogle about the bush wi' them I cajolled them; and if I havena gien Inch-Grabbit and Jamie Howie a bonnie begunk, they ken themselves. Him a writer! I didna gae slapdash to them wi' our young bra' bridegroom, to gar them baud up the market.

He could not bear the test; he was a good young fellow enough, but there was nothing of the hero about him, and he thought that crippled folk should be taken care of in hospitals, where they belonged. "'Oh, dinna ye mind, young man, she said, 'When the red wine was a-fillin', Ye bade the healths gae round an' round, And slighted Barbara Allan?"

Eh, Mr Henry! but the carle gae them a screed o' doctrine! Ye might hae heard him a mile down the wind He routed like a cow in a fremd loaning.

"said Meg from her bed, no more surprised than if the knock had been upon the outer door at midday. "It's me, daft Jock Gordon," said Jock candidly. "Gae wa' wi' ye, Jock! Can ye no let decent fowk sleep in their beds for yae nicht?" "Ye maun get up, Meg," said Jock. "An' what for should I get up?" queried Meg indignantly. "I had ancuch o' gettin' up yestreen to last me a gye while."

Gae hame wi' ye afore a' leave the bit, and send a haflin for some medicine. Ye donnerd idiot, are ye ettlin tae follow Drums afore yir time?" And the medical attendant of Drumtochty continued his invective till Hillocks started, and still pursued his retreating figure with medical directions of a simple and practical character. "A'm watchin', an' peety ye if ye pit aff time.

Gin you met this ganglin' assassinator, wha'd be for maister? San's no to lack a father. Gae to yer bit bed!" "Gosh!" said Bill, shutting the window, "he's in earnest. He forgot to try to talk English even. I feel better. The hog's fallen into a hole and gone to sleep. Let's go up." "I suppose if I tell Onnie San's with me, she'll just change to my door," Rawling considered; "but I'll try.

Aweel, they trailed up Morris to their bar, as they ca't, to see what he could say to the job; but the folk that were again him, gae him sic an awfu' throughgaun about his rinnin' awa, and about a' the ill he had ever dune or said for a' the forepart o' his life, that Patie says he looked mair like ane dead than living; and they cou'dna get a word o' sense out o' him, for downright fright at their growling and routing.

He read it slowly by the light of his lamp, bending back the fold to do so. He did not wonder at it. He knew what it meant and why the boy had fastened it there. "Ye s'all gae to her, lad," he said, "ye s'all gae to the mither. I'm thankfu', verra thankfu', that the father kenned the truth afoor he deed." He raised his precious burden to his heart and began again his journey.

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