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The Cossacks of the battery with which I was living encamped in a field on the other side of the farmyard, but the treasure chest was placed in the farmyard itself, and a sentry stood near it with a drawn sword. The owner of the house had two sons. One of them, aged about thirteen, had something to do with the temple services, and wore a kind of tunic made of white silk. The second was Chun Wa.

And say, I find I can keep a big audience fascinated, speaking on any topic. SHORTCUT EDUCATIONAL PUB. CO. Desk WA Sandpit, Iowa. Babbitt was again without a canon which would enable him to speak with authority. Nothing in motoring or real estate had indicated what a Solid Citizen and Regular Fellow ought to think about culture by mail.

Sin clenched her hands, holding them rigidly against her hips; and, nostrils dilated, she stared at the smiling Chinaman. "What do you mean?" she demanded. Sin Sin Wa performed his curious oriental shrug. "You putta topside pidgin on Sir Lucy alla lightee," he murmured. "Givee him hell alla velly proper." The pupils of the woman's eyes contracted again, and remained so.

His outstanding vice as an investigator was the directness of his own methods and of his mental outlook, so that he frequently experienced great difficulty in penetrating to the motives of a tortuous brain such as that of Sin Sin Wa. That Sin Sin Wa thought him to be still unconscious he did not believe.

At these words I was raised to a sort of ecstasy; a thing that I had until then deemed impossible, I felt myself to be penetrating indeed between those "rocks of amethyst, like a reef in the Indian Ocean"; by a supreme muscular effort, a long way in excess of my real strength, stripping myself, as of a shell that served no purpose, of the air in my own room which surrounded me, I replaced it by an equal quantity of Venetian air, that marine atmosphere, indescribable and peculiar as the atmosphere of the dreams which my imagination had secreted in the name of Venice; I could feel at work within me a miraculous disincarnation; it was at once accompanied by that vague desire to vomit which one feels when one has a very sore throat; and they had to put me to bed with a fever so persistent that the doctor not only assured my parents that a visit, that spring, to Florence and Venice was absolutely out of the question, but warned their that, even when I should have completely recovered, I must, for at least a year, give up all idea of travelling, and be kept from anything that wa; liable to excite me.

Had there bin no female wimin in the world, I should scarcely be here with my unparalleld show on this very occashun. She is good in sickness good in wellness good all the time. O woman, woman!" My female friends," I continnered, as they were indignantly departin, "wa well what A. Ward has sed!" Sum of the captings on the Upper Ohio River put on a heep of airs.

He came from the most western part of the Wa country. *It is necessary to distinguish carefully between the Han dynasty of China and the term "Han" as a designation of Korea. The ideographs composing this word were pronounced "I-to" at the time when they were written by the Hou-Han historians, but they subsequently received the sound of "Wo-nu" or "wa-do."

Gravely and without a smile he watched the Cossacks unharnessing their horses, lighting a fire and arranging the officers' kit. He walked up to the sentry who was standing near the treasure chest, a big, grey-eyed Cossack with a great tuft of fair hair, and the expression of a faithful retriever, and in a tone of indescribable contempt, Chun Wa said "Ping!"

"What did you think of the place, Poly?" asked Ambrose. The half-breed flung up his hands and dramatically rolled his eyes. "Wa! Wa! Towasasuak! It is a gran' place! Jus' lak outside! Trader him live in great big house all make of smooth boards and paint' yellow and red lak the sun! Never I see before such a tall house, and so many rooms inside full of fine chairs and tables so smoot' and shiny.

Idigi, unconvinced, shaking his head, said a doubtful "Wa!" and would continue upon his agreeable subject for he was a lover of ghosts. "Now," said he, impressively, "it is said that on the night before the moon came, there was seen, on the edge of the lake-forest, ten warriors of the N'bosini, with spears of fire and arrows tipped with stars, also " "Go to the devil!" said Hamilton, cheerfully.