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And there is no national hero at this moment in the soldiering line unless, perhaps, it is Major Archer-Shee of whom anyone would be likely to say: "Sed miles; sed pro patria." There is, indeed, one beautiful poem of Mr. Newbolt's which may mingle faintly with one's thoughts in such times, but that, alas, is to a very different tune.

She puts me mighty much in mine ob dem days wen we war all young togedder; wen Miss Nancy sed, 'Harriet war too high fer her. It jis' seems like yisterday wen I yeard Miss Nancy say, 'No house could flourish whar dere war two mistresses. Well, Mr. Robert " "Oh, no, no, Uncle Daniel," interrupted Robert, "don't say that! Call me Robby or Bob, just as you used to."

More depends on determination than even on ability. Will, not talent, governs the world. From what pathway of eminence were women more traditionally excluded than from the art of sculpture, in spite of Non me Praxiteles fecit, sed Anna Damer? yet Harriet Hosmer, in eight years, has trod its full ascent.

I have never been a slave to this work, giving due time, if not more than due time, to the amusements I have loved. But I have been constant, and constancy in labour will conquer all difficulties. Gutta cavat lapidem non vi, sed saepe cadendo. As I have said before in these pages, I look upon the result as comfortable, but not splendid.

Errare non modo affirmando et negando, sed etiam sentiendo, et in tacitâ hominum cogitatione contingit.”—HOBBES, Computatio sive Logica, chap. v.

"Needn't trouble yerselves," said Arkansas Bill, who had entered during the conversation; "she's thar." "Thunder!" exclaimed Topjack, frowning, and then looking sheepish. "Yes," continued Bill; "she stopped me ez I wuz comin' along, an' sed she'd jist heerd of it, an' was a-goin'. I tol' her ther' wuz men enough in camp to look out fur him, but she said she reckoned she could do it best.

About this time the pictures and statuettes of the Madonna began to change their hue and to become black for the sacred image of Oropa being black, all the Madonnas in her immediate neighbourhood are of the same complexion. Underneath some of them is written, "Nigra sum sed sum formosa," which, as a rule, was more true as regards the first epithet than the second.

Neque hoc ulla historica cognitione didicisse se affirmant, sed quali ratiocinando conjectant, es quod intra con vexa coeli terra suspenda sit, eum demque locum mundas habeat, et infirmum, et medium: et ex hoc opinantur alteram terra pattern, quae infra est, habitatione hominum carere non posse.

He was forbidden to reside within four hundred miles of Rome, with a threat of death if he returned; and he retired to Macedonia, to pour out his sorrows and his resentments in lamentations unworthy of a woman. To Atticus, ii. 16. "Tenemur undique, neque jam, quo minus serviamus, recusamus, sed mortem et ejectionem quasi majora timemus, quae multo sunt minora.

I said to a friend: "Victrix causa diis placuit, sed victa Catoni." And now I have brought almost to an end, as far as this sketch has to treat of them, the history both of my opinions, and of the public acts which they involved.