Some books seem to have been published by Faustus during his lifetime, at least, his biographers allude to them; but it was only after his death that the work which gave his name its chief reputation became known. Wagner, who was said to be his heir, published it first under the title of "Dr. Johannis Faust's Magia Celeberrima, und Tabula Nigra, oder Hoellenzwang."

Both are of value for planting in the shade. SAMBUCUS CALIFORNICA. Californian Elder. A rare species as yet, but one that from its elegant growth and duration of flowers is sure, when better known, to become widely distributed. S. GLAUCA has its herbaceous parts covered with a thick pubescence; leaves pubescent on both sides, and with yellow flowers produced in umbels. S. NIGRA. Common Elder.

General character of our instructions from Washington. American plan of arbitration. Preliminary meetings of delegates. The opening session. The "House in the Wood"; its remarkable characteristics. Proceedings. General skepticism at first. Baron de Staal as President of the Conference. Count Nigra. Lord Pauncefote and others. Public spirit of the Dutch Government.

Medicines indeed in general, which act with violence in a small dose, require the utmost skill to manage them with any tolerable degree of safety: to which may be added, that the various manners of making these kinds of preparations, as practised by different hands, must needs vary their power. MORUS nigra. MULBERRY. Fruit.

The quantity sown per acre is the same as Wheat. SINAPIS nigra. BLACK MUSTARD. This is grown in Essex in great quantities for the seeds, which are sold to the manufacturers of flower of mustard, and is considered better flavoured, stronger, and capable of keeping better, than the white kind for such purpose. It is also in use for various medicinal preparations; which see.

Aqueous infusions of the leaves, with the addition of a little lemon juice, prove an useful diluting drink in febrile disorders, of an elegant colour, and sufficiently acceptable to the palate. SAMBUCUS nigra. COMMON ELDER. Flowers and Berries. L. E. D. The parts of the Sambucus which are proposed for medicinal use in the Pharmacopoeias, are the inner bark, the flowers, and the berries.

These songs have been collected in Scotland by Scott and Motherwell; their Danish counterparts have been translated by Mr. Prior. In Greece, M. Fauriel and Dr. Ulrichs; in Provence, Damase Arbaud; in Italy, M. Nigra; in Servia, Talvj; in France, Gerard de Nerval have done for their separate countries what Scott did for the Border.

Chatham and glory are now at hand; and the hero is ready for the hour Sed mors atra caput nigra, circumvolat umbra. "Folks are surprised to see the meagre, decaying, consumptive figure of the son, when the father and mother preserve such good looks; and people are not easily persuaded that I am one of the family.

The empress became resigned and accompanied by Madame Le Breton, Metternich and Nigra started for the Pavilion de Flore, passing through the Galerie de Musée and the Galerie d'Apollon, finally leaving by the gate of the Louvre, which is opposite Saint Germain l'Auxerrois. The empress was at last out of the palace, but not yet out of danger.

Ecce, tabula nigra. Look there, a black board. O tu tabula nigra. Oh, you black board! Video tabulam nigram. I see a black board. Pars tabulæ nigræ. Part of a black board. Addo partem tabulæ nigræ. I add a part to a black board. Vides aliquid in tabula nigra. I see something on a black board.