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And then he goes on to ask "Quis hodie nudum caput radiis solis, aut omnia perurenti frigori, ausit exponere?" Yet we ourselves, and our illustrious friend, Christopher North, have walked for twenty years amongst our British lakes and mountains hatless, and amidst both snow and rain, such as Romans did not often experience. We were naked, and yet not ashamed.

If you don't find yourself a well-flogged youth for your 'mitchin, never say that this right hand can administer condign punishment to that part of your physical theory which constitutes the antithesis to your vacuum caput. En et ewe, you villain," he added, pointing to the birch, "it's newly cut and trimmed, and pregnant wid alacrity for the operation.

But no response came from Caput Magnus. He was past all hearing, understanding or answering. He was ready to be carried out and buried. "Well, all I have got to say is " began the foreman disgustedly. "You do not have to say anything!" admonished the judge severely. "I will do whatever talking is necessary.

Instead of laughing, I sit silently reflecting how everything loses charms when one's own youth does not lend it gilding! When we are divested of that eagerness and illusion with which our youth presents objects to us, we are but the caput mortuum of pleasure. Grave as these ideas are, they do not unfit me for French company. The present tone is serious enough in conscience.

And now, God have mercy on us! there is to be all the round of wars and proscriptions and massacres over again: Roma caput mundi herself piteously decapitate; and with every booby and popinjay rising in turn to kick her about at his pleasure; and here first comes Mark Anthony to start the game, it seems.

Archibald when they might hope to see the Duke, tam carum caput, as he would venture to term him, at the Lodge of Roseneath.

They formed into procession, the Duchess distributing rosemary; Buckhurst swaggering with all the majesty of Tamerlane, his mock court irresistibly humorous with their servility; and the sweet voice of Lady Everingham chanting the first verse of the canticle, followed in the second by the rich tones of Lady Theresa: I. Caput Apri defero Reddens laudes Domino.

The 'colon' is an intestine of very large size, being one of the most capacious, as well as one of the longest, of the large intestines. It commences at the caesum caput coli, and soon expands into a cavity of greater dimensions than even that of the stomach itself.

The former Miss Startup made her way diffidently to the witness chair and in a faint voice answered the questions relative to her marriage of the preceding spring as put to her by the judge. Mr. Tutt waved her aside and Caput Magnus felt returning strength. He had expected and prepared for a highly technical assault upon the legality of the ceremony performed in Cook County.

His intelligence determined Belisarius to hasten his operations, and his wise impatience was seconded by the winds. The fleet lost sight of Sicily, passed before the Isle of Malta, discovered the capes of Africa, ran along the coast with a strong gale from the north-east, and finally cast anchor at the promontory of Caput Vada, about five days' journey to the south of Carthage.

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