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A thin, white moon was already up, peering at them above the gathering sea mist. They stood a moment together by the gate, each vaguely conscious of the consolation of the other's presence in the face of the great grief which had drawn them together. "I will come again soon, if I may," he said diffidently, "unless seeing me reminds you of painful things."

Then after more years of experience...if you'll be a pro' like me. You might even begin to condition American Barbie dames in the proper ways to spit it out like a cannon." Lily laughed diffidently since she was in a depressed state and words were running about nonsensibly in her head like the yelping cries of wild savages.

Five minutes later, Billy Westlake and his sister and Miss Hastings drew up to the edge of the group. Young Westlake stood diffidently for two or three minutes beside Mr. Turner's chair, and then he put his hand on that summer idler's shoulder. "Oh, good evening, Mr. Mr. Mr. " Sam stammered while he tried to find the name.

He was silent so long that Oscar spoke a little impatiently: "If you ain't going to talk, Mr. Manning, Jane is waiting for me and I got to see Mr. Sardox yet." Jim pulled himself together, and, a little diffidently, handed Ames the Secretary's letter with the copy of his own. "Tell me what you think of these," said Jim.

Eaton made this suggestion diffidently, for though he was a stockholder and official of the Mesa Ore-producing Company, he was not used to offering its head unasked advice. The latter, however, took it without a trace of resentment. "Glad of it, my boy. There's no credit in beating a cripple."

But I got the chrysanthemum out of the greenhouse, and put some bits of ferns and things round it. You must excuse it being tied up with darning wool." She offered the bouquet diffidently, and Olive Two accepted it with a warm smile. "Well," said Mimi, "I don't think I'd better go any further, had I?"

"He you won't mind my asking?" said Copplestone, diffidently, "he didn't know that you lived here?" Mrs. Greyle smiled, somewhat mysteriously. "Not at all my name wouldn't have conveyed anything to him," she answered. "He never knew whom I married.

"Hole? What do you mean by hole?" Elinor shrank back a little. She had not minded dining with her father when Howard was at home, but Howard was at college. Howard had a way of good-naturedly ignoring his father's asperities, but Elinor was a suppressed, shy little thing, romantic, aloof, and filled with undesired affections. "She said a hole," she affirmed, diffidently.

Then he was shaking hands with her. But how had she identified him? "I didn't really expect you," said the lady, always with a slight Cockney accent. "But I thought how silly it would be for me to miss the vanishing trick just because you couldn't come. So in I went, by myself." "Why didn't you expect me?" he asked diffidently. "Well," she said, "Mr.

The silence in the forest is profound. Presently, one of the slaves of the villa, one of the pious guides of the leudes, emerges from the thicket that surrounds the clearing. He steps forward diffidently, listens and looks around as if apprehensive of an ambuscade. At the sight of the evidences of the feast that lie strewn about, he seems astonished and quickly turns around.

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