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They'd mistake you for a captain of the foretop," he pursues, and good-naturedly he lays his broad, browned hands upon Tom's shoulders, and forces him up to a triangular bit of glass secured with three tacks to the wall. Tom's hands wander down his sides as he contemplates himself in the glass, saying: "I look a shade up, I reckon!

They drank, and for the first time in his life, the liquid fire went down the throat of Pierre. He set down his glass, coughing, and the others laughed good-naturedly. "Started down the wrong way?" asked Wilbur. "It's beastly stuff; first I ever drank." A roar of laughter answered him. "Still I got an idea," broke in Jim Boone, "that he's worthy of takin' the seventh chair. Draw it up lad."

The policeman led Anna to the sidewalk, patted Ivan good-naturedly upon the shoulder, and then with a sharp whistle unloosed the waiting stream of cars that had been held up so that two Russian immigrants could cross the avenue. Big Ivan of the Bridge took the trunk from his head and put it on the ground. He reached out his arms and folded Anna in a great embrace. His eyes were wet.

Agnew, don't drip that blood off your hand on her!" "Shut up, Jonas," coughed Agnew good-naturedly. "Let him alone, Ag!" exclaimed Harden, between a strangling cough and a sneeze. "What do you want to divulge your cold-heartedness for? Go to it, Jonas! You're some lover, all right!" The shallows ended in a rapid which they shot without more than the usual difficulties.

"Certainly not," was the reply. "If I might trouble you, then, for pen and ink and paper?" suggested the signor and he smiled a little. "Believe me, I would prefer to get them for myself." "I guess that's right," the guard grinned good-naturedly. Again he went away and the prisoner sat thoughtfully sipping the milk.

And he must be able to devote himself pretty steadily to her whims, subordinate himself good-naturedly, and obtain for her whatever she might fancy for the time. "She will want to express herself badly," was the doctor's comment. "If they should try to express themselves both at the same time, there would be explosions rows and divorce and scandal unhappy children."

Well, I don't think it's 'zactly right to make a piece of wood look so like a human critter." The child good-naturedly put the doll into the woman's hands, who, happening to take it rather roughly, the wooden baby gave a loud squall; the woman's face expressed the utmost horror, and she dropped it on the floor as if it had been a hot coal. "Gracious, goodness me, the thing's alive!"

She received it with so much submission, and with such an air of comprehension, that I hastened to add, as good-naturedly as possible, "As to whether the chance which has enabled me to meet you again be lucky or unlucky, I cannot decide the question until I am sure that my presence be not disagreeable to you. You appeared to become weary of my company very suddenly at Naples the other day.

"I can't defend his opinions," Darya Alexandrovna said, firing up; "but I can say that he's a highly cultivated man, and if he were here he would know very well how to answer you, though I am not capable of doing so." "I like him extremely, and we are great friends," Sviazhsky said, smiling good-naturedly.

Thus the dance began; and although I did not at all like uncle's way of arranging matters, I good-naturedly set to work, and we strove honestly, that I can say, with the cousins as well as the lighter of the aunts.

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