Vain, foolish, and frothy discourses, which are very offensive to gracious saints. 7. Earthly-mindedness and greedy pursuits after worldly things; for as these are offensive to God, and hurtful to the soul, so they are offensive to saints. 8.

It can't be apoplexy he isn't that build and, too, he's such an athlete; there's nothing the matter with him. It can't be oh, mercy gracious! it can't be Eunice! Sanford wouldn't kill himself, would he?" "No! no! of course not!" "Not just now before the election no, of course he wouldn't! But it can't be-oh, Lord, what can it be?" "I have never been so mystified in all my life!" Dr.

Here, as though seized with a sudden idea, he flung himself on his knees before his chair, took off his hat, placed it on the seat, and gazing devoutly at one of the leaden amulets which loaded it down, "Oh!" said he, with clasped hands, "our Lady of Paris, my gracious patroness, pardon me. I will only do it this once. This criminal must be punished.

"I wonder if there are any powder works off in this wilderness?" asked Danny Grin. But Dick, who had now dressed as fully as he intended to do, save for the lacing of his shoes, now came back from the doorway of the tent with the lantern, the wick of which he was turning up. "No powder mills in this part of the world," he declared. "But, gracious! The explosion seemed big enough."

This time I lowered my guard in surrender. "Certainly. I tried to make love to her," said I. "There, you see!" she cried reproachfully. Her censure of the irrelevant intrusion of such a subject was eloquent and severe. "It was all Wetter's fault," I remarked, sighing. "Good gracious! what's it got to do with Wetter? I hate the man!"

The gracious Duncan, finding matters were at a stand among the workmen, summoned before him the delinquents, and impressed all who heard him with a sense of his authority, by the penalties with which he threatened them for their delay.

He saw this foreign merchant, whom a happy and engaging physiognomy, with a gracious address, announced in a very favourable manner. He heard him answer, with good breeding and perspicuity, the questions that were put to him, and saw him conduct his affairs with an openness which gained the confidence of all.

Perhaps Lily had understood something of the boy's feelings, and had wished to speak kindly to him at parting, or almost more than kindly. There is a silent love which women recognise, and which in some silent way they acknowledge, giving gracious but silent thanks for the respect which accompanies it.

I believe," he continues, "my name is up about the county for preaching people mad ... whatever may be the immediate cause, I suppose we have near a dozen, in different degrees, disordered in their heads, and most of them I believe truly gracious people." Let us turn to the other example which I propose to select, that given by Mr.

She came rather suddenly to herself when she grew aware of her larded hands pressed against her clean apron. "Oh, gracious, but I'll catch it!" she exclaimed ruefully. "Wot'll I do now? She said I'd got to keep it clean till she got back, and she'll fire me and and I want to stay awful; it's just like the story, yer know."