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"We propose that the laborer shall be chief owner of all the property and profits of the enterprise in which he is engaged, and have through his union a controlling voice in all its affairs. "We propose to overthrow the system under which a man can grow richer by working with his head than with his hands, and prevent the man who works with neither from having anything at all.

"You can help me in this project, if you will, in the following manner. My ship lies at anchor in the little cove of which you know, not far from here. I shall be obliged to leave her there, since I intend to take my entire company with me; and I propose to leave her in your charge.

If you tell me you consider yourself out of quarantine, I will come to you at once; if you do not, will you propose something, for meet we must." Hester pondered well before returning an answer. She could hardly say, she replied, that there was no danger, for her brother, who had been ill, was yet in the house, too weak for the journey to Yrndale.

I would propose that we should have Presidencies, and not an Empire. If I were a Minister which the House will admit is a bold figure of speech and if the House were to agree with me which is also an essential point I would propose to have at least five Presidencies in India, and I would have the governments of those Presidencies perfectly equal in rank and in salary.

Looking up as he approached the stronghold, and seeing the girl, little dreaming of the frivolous mission she would propose, he waved his hand to her, and she responded gracefully with a similar gesture. Indeed, however strongly the monk might disapprove, there was much to be said in favor of the resolution to which the young lady had come.

"It's sausages!" exclaimed Wendy, opening one of the parcels; "and he's actually bought some lard to fry them in. What a brain and only twelve! That boy'll be a general some day, if he doesn't die of over-cleverness. Biscuits to eat with them, my children, and some chocs. for dessert. I beg to propose that we accord a hearty vote of thanks to Freddie Entwistle." "For he's a jolly good fellow!

PRESIDENT. Fortunately I have never yet had to fear opposition to my will when once I have pronounced, "It shall be so!" But now, Worm, that brings us back to our former subject! I will propose Lady Milford to my son this very day. The face which he puts upon it shall either confirm your suspicions or entirely confute them. WORM. Pardon me, my lord!

"That he's lonely and discouraged, and had to pour out his heart to some one or go wild," said Patsy, the tears of sympathy filling her eyes. "And you girls propose to sit down and allow all this?" inquired their uncle sternly. "We?" answered Louise, lifting her brows and making a pretty gesture. "What can we do?" "Go to work!" said Uncle John. "How?" asked Patsy, eagerly.

She had a sensation of horror. 'And I cannot propose to nurse him Emma will not hear of it, she said. 'I dare not. Hypocrite to that extreme? Oh, no! But I must hear nothing. As it is, I am haunted. Now let this pass. Tony me no Tonies; I am stony to such whimpering business now we are in the van of the struggle. All round us it sounds like war. Last night I had Mr.

Although your worthy countenance was still well remembered by me, nevertheless, had I not with my own hand assisted to hang the Bashaw, you might, perhaps, have deceived even me. Now, however, I am here to propose a question." "First of all, tell me why you came hither," interrupted Mustapha, full of resentment at finding himself detected.