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If they do, they deliver up their religion to Rome; if they do not, their practice will confute their own doctrines. Lord Falkland. Nature, sir, will in the end be sure to set right whatever opinion contradicts her great laws, let who will be the teacher.

Luther insisted, notwithstanding, that Carlstadt was 'an associate of the new prophets. He challenged him finally to abandon his intrigues and confute him openly in writing, and the heated interview ended by Carlstadt promising to do so, and by Luther giving him a florin as a pledge and token of the bargain. From Jena Luther went through Kahla, where also he preached, to Orlamunde.

'I? said Paul, with a guilty stammer I send him? 'Now, before you lie, said Annette, with a tragic gesture of the hand, 'hear me. The window of our dressing-room happens just happens, by God's providence to confute a fool to command a view of Dr. Laurent's door. I saw you go in; I could even hear you knock. Do you think you can deceive me? Pah!

Crafty men contemn studies, simple men admire them, and wise men use them; for they teach not their own use; but that is a wisdom without them and above them, won by observation. Read not to contradict and confute, nor to believe and take for granted, nor to find talk and discourse, but to weigh and consider.

Your highness knows what happened to the late professor of mathematics in the University of Pisa how, believing that the Copernican doctrine was false, he started to confute it, but in his study became convinced of its truth.

Now there are some who imagine that they confute a speaker, as soon as they have asked him the question, 'What then are we to do? I will first give them this answer the most just and true of all 'Do not do what you are doing now. But at the same time I will give them a minute and detailed reply; and then let them show that their willingness to act upon it is not less than their eagerness to interrogate.

'I am sorry, cried I, 'that we have no neighbour or stranger to take a part in this good cheer: feasts of this kind acquire a double relish from hospitality. 'Bless me, cried my wife, 'here comes our good friend Mr Burchell, that saved our Sophia, and that run you down fairly in the argument' 'Confute me in argument, child! cried I. 'You mistake there, my dear.

I cannot confute the false or cunning glosses he may make upon my conduct. He may represent me to you as willing to accompany him; as detained only by my obligation to you, from which it is in your power to absolve me. Till I hear from you I shall have no peace. Would to Heaven there was some speedier conveyance! Letter XXXII To Jane Talbot Baltimore, November 14. It has just happened.

I will yet descend more particularly to confute our opposites’ several answers and defences, which they have used against our argument of scandal. Ans. 1. To what purpose tells he it is their own fault? Thinks he that there are any offended without their own fault?

FABRICIO. Without doubte it is better, and more necessary, the great nomber, then the little: but to speake more plainly, where there cannot be ordeined a great nomber of men, there cannot be ordeined a perfect ordinaunce: and I will easely confute all the reasons of them propounded.

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