She arose again, and now she had the advantage of her teacher, for there were dignity and composure in her voice as she said: "I believe I have never disobeyed your orders, Miss Wilbur; I certainly do not propose to do so now."

I presented my letter to him, and, with that true Southern hospitality which has always characterized your corps, he took me immediately under his wing and carried me out to luncheon with him. We sat for hours in a little restaurant down on Sixth Street, he was my teacher and I was his pupil.

Fleeming and I were teacher and taught as to the principles, disputatious rivals in the practice, of dramatic writing. Acting had always, ever since Rachel and the Marseillaise, a particular power on him. 'If I do not cry at the play, he used to say, 'I want to have my money back. Even from a poor play with poor actors, he could draw pleasure.

And beyond the obvious advantages of a carefully assigned lesson it must be remembered that in the assignment of special topics, in private conferences with the student, in the correction of notes, in giving assistance in the library, the teacher has an opportunity to cultivate a sympathetic relation between himself and the class of inestimable service in securing the best results.

A teacher who is conscious of this defect, must resolutely set himself to resist it and overcome it. He can do so, if he will. But it requires resolution and practice. In the fourth place, the teacher must place himself so that every pupil in the class is within the range of his vision.

The former are, for the most part, those who disparage learning as a qualification for a christian teacher, and whose ministers are consequently not accustomed to exact mental discipline, nor familiar with the best models of thinking and writing.

"'By my Christendom," Alfred blurted out, almost bringing dog and all to light in his terror: "'So I were out of prison and kept sheep, I should be merry as the day is long. And so I should be here, but that I doubt " "That'll do," said the teacher, "Now attend." The seventy joined in with "My uncle practises," and Alfred turned from red to white.

Into the difficult question of why children trust one parent rather than another, the history teacher rather than the Sunday school teacher, we need not try to enter. Nor how trust gradually spreads through a newspaper or an acquaintance who is interested in public affairs to public personages. The literature of psychoanalysis is rich in suggestive hypothesis.

What a noble figure is Carlos in this last interview with his mother! What matchless poetry in the lines! And how genuinely, thrillingly tragic is the ending of the scene! The teacher of Prince Carlos is the amazing Marquis of Posa.

In the first place, without troubling ourselves for the time being with the diverse forms of the word as now existing, a difficulty meets us at the very outset as to how it ever got into the English language at all. 'It was left behind by the Romans, says the pupil teacher unhesitatingly.