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The men will not be allowed to relieve themselves until sinks are dug. Temporary sinks may be dug with intrenching tools, if carried. A guard should be placed over the water supply at once. As soon as the shelter tents are pitched the company proceeds to the remainder of the camp work in accordance with a permanent assignment similar to the following: One squad helps arrange the kitchen.

An elastic legal note of an assignment that you can stretch to include this girl along with the half-dozen other slaves that you have on hand here; and I offer you ten thousand dollars for the girl alone!" One could see how the repetition of the sum in gold affected Zindorf. He had the love of money in that dominating control that the Apostle spoke of.

"On the night after this assault Gen. Meador, General Orden and several other Generals were at Gen. Silent's headquarters, discussing the contemplated movement to be commenced on the 29th. The President had also been down to see Silent, and agreed in every particular to his programme. Gen. Tom Anderson was also present, having been ordered to Sentinel Point for assignment to duty.

Keep that in your mind and you can make a popular newspaper. Only," continued Mr. Brad, reflectively, "you've got to hit a lot of different tastes." "You'd laugh," this artist in emotions went on, after a little pause, "at some of my assignments. There was a run awhile ago on elopements, and my assignment was to have one every Monday morning.

"Stand easy, boys," said Walters, rising to face them. "I don't know how much you've heard of this emergency on Titan, but you can be briefed on details later. For the moment, all you have to know is that your assignment here is concerned with a detailed checking-out of the whole force-screen machinery.

Ele turned sharply round, as if the candidate had taken him by surprise in coming in by the door. A boy handed General Belch a note: "MY DEAR BELCH, B. Newt, Son, & Co. have stopped. We do not hear of an assignment, so desire you to take steps at once to secure judgment upon the inclosed account. "Yours, PERIWING & BUDDBY."

The assignment of vocation according to structure is but common sense. The dreamer has too slender a body for manual labor and is both too nervous and too impatient of confinement to sit in an easy chair or on the bench. The big, corpulent man enjoys the good things of life. He is well nourished and free from anxiety.

All of the officers and men did their utmost to serve him. He was feasted without stint and furnished with everything that the scant supply of clothing on the pack horses could afford for his comfort. He promptly asked for an assignment to duty in his company and took his place with such high enthusiasm that his companions regarded him with admiring wonder.

My stay at Croc bank was exciting throughout and I learnt a lot. For the first few days, I was given my first assignment i.e., treating a 2-foot long turtle with infected skin. I used to apply ointment to its feet and then put on some bandage. The next day, before repeating the treatment, I had to feed the turtle with cabbage in water.

Hartson Brant, Rick's father and head of the Spindrift Scientific Foundation, a world-famous research organization, had received word from Gordon that Rick and Scotty were needed for a special assignment. Gordon had not given any details in his wire. This morning Dr. Gordon had phoned that he had been delayed, but would arrive by Navy plane around noontime.