She could spare nothing, now, of the manifold magnificence that had been lavished, in a hundred places, richly enough to have made world-famous shrines in any other church, but which here melted away into the vast sunny breadth, and were of no separate account. Yet each contributed its little all towards the grandeur of the whole.

"I am willing to condone the past to take you back, to acknowledge you as my wife and let you share my success. There is a part in the new play which might have been written for you. You could become world-famous in it. I am not ungenerous, I am willing to make matters up." "Do you want me to murder you, after all?" Poppy asked.

Long before Ruskin made those sketches world-famous in his "Modern Painters," I have heard Leslie point out their beauties with as fine an enthusiasm. He used to say that they purified the whole atmosphere round St. James Place! Procter had a genuine regard for Count d'Orsay, and he pointed him out to me one day sitting in the window of his club, near Gore House, looking out on Piccadilly.

One of these is Moritz Moszkowski, probably the most popular of modern pianoforte composers of high-class music. Grieg, when he finally consented to make the voyage to America, placed his price at two thousand five hundred dollars for every concert a sum which any manager would regard prohibitive, except in the case of one world-famous pianist. Grieg's intent was obvious.

How to memorize. Rhythm and tone color in piano playing. Hand Position, Finger Action, and Artistic Touch When we listen to a piano recital by a world-famous artist, we think if we are musicians primarily of the interpretation of the compositions under consideration. That the pianist has a perfect technic almost goes without saying. He must have such a technic to win recognition as an artist.

World-Famous Horses of Late Millionaire Sportsman Under Hammer. "Well?" questioned Harry. "Don't you see?" she tantalized him. "Not in the least." "I am going to buy Firefly and ride him in the steeplechase handicap." Harry's smile was almost despairing, but he answered quickly. "Oh, I see. You'll have me ride him and break my precious neck. I thought for a second you meant to ride yourself."

These contingencies realize themselves in history; they involve a general principle of a different order from that on which depends the permanence of a people or a State. Historical men world-famous individuals are those in whose aims such a general principle lies.

It was Atalanta for whom Raphael afterwards painted the world-famous 'Deposition, with which she laid her own maternal sorrows at the feet of a yet higher and holier suffering. The cathedral, in the immediate neighbourhood of which the greater part of this tragedy had been enacted, was washed with wine and consecrated afresh.

Harold Smith as though it were an excellent joke, and to Mrs. Proudie as though she were simply emulous of rivalling those world-famous assemblies in Gloucester Place; but the town at large knew that an effort was being made, and it was supposed that even Miss Dunstable was somewhat nervous. In spite of her excellent joking it was presumed that she would be unhappy if she failed. To Mrs.

Nevertheless, in memory of the set of Oscar Wilde's works presented to my roommate twelve years ago one Christmas morning by Queen Bess, and in memory of the six world-famous oaths this great lady invented here goes. Let Bess roar in her grave. There's one thing she can't do and that's call me a liar.