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Women are naturally the guardians of the race, and every normal woman desires children. Children are not a handicap in the race of life either, they are an inspiration. We hear too much about the burden of motherhood and too little of its benefits. The average child does well for his parents, and teaches them many things.

By their power of ingenuity or by sheer force of will men have been able to overcome physical limitations, but it is necessary to reckon with those limitations, and they are always a handicap. The physical endowment of a race has been a deciding factor in certain times of crisis.

MacRae kept still. It was a curious statement. Young Gower twisted and ground his boot heel into the soft earth. "Being a rich man's son has proved a considerable handicap in my case," he continued at last. "I was petted and coddled all my life. Then the war came along. Everybody expected a lot of me. And I am as good as excommunicated for not coming up to expectations. Beautiful irony.

Here, my good fellow," he added, and handed the policeman a ten-dollar bill. "You're not a Mexican. You're an American," the book-maker Joe cried accusingly, "although you bragged like a Mexican." "Quite right. I never claimed to be a Mexican, however. I heard about this Thanksgiving Handicap, and it seemed such a splendid opportunity to pick up a few thousand dollars that I entered my horse.

He was what might be called a sub-Duffer, or Varnish, which means that the Committee was ashamed to mark up the Handicap. He still had a good many superfluous Hands and Feet and was bleeding freely on every Green. Sometimes he would last as far as the Water-Hazard and then sink with a Bubbling Cry. Notwithstanding which, he kept on trying to look like the Photographs of Ouimet.

A similar statute in Illinois had been declared unconstitutional twenty years before, largely on the ground that to limit or prohibit the labor of woman would handicap her in her industrial competition with man, pointing out also that the Illinois Constitution itself prescribes and requires that the rights of the sexes should in all respects be identical, save only in so far as jury and militia service and political rights were concerned.

"Perhaps," said a young girl, "she too has made a pilgrimage. All go to Etzel, the poor and the rich. And all receive grace." The Countess did not sleep. She was, with every fiber of her keen brain, summoning her arguments. She would need them, for she knew none better how great a handicap was hers. She loved Karl, and he knew it. What had been her strength had become her weakness.

Chief among these was the bookmaker. As an historian the bookmaker was original. He cavalierly waved aside all such confusing things as dates: made Moses and Mahomet contemporaneous, incidentally referred to King Solomon's visits to Cleopatra, and with sad irreverence spoke of the Exodus and the destruction of Pharaoh's horses and chariots as "the big handicap."

The handicap is not wholly overcome when the couple come to this country together, for the much greater opportunities of the man to learn American ways may drive a wedge between him and his wife.

"Why, we certainly don't pretend to all the Apuleian luxuries of Handicap Lodge; but we are ignorant enough to think ourselves comfortable, and swinish enough to enjoy our pitiable state." "I beg ten thousand pardons, my dear fellow. I didn't mean to offend your nationality.

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