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Perhaps I could have him up to stay a few days with me next summer. He'd be glad to come. "No, my roommate, Sproule, doesn't improve any on acquaintance. But I've got so I don't mind him much. I don't think he's really as mean as he makes you believe. He's having hard work with his studies nowadays, and has less time to find fault with things. "You ask how I spend my time.

"I'll keep what I know to myself for the present. I am too charitable to make trouble for that girl, even if she has done her utmost to injure me. I'll never tell anyone unless there comes a time when I feel it necessary to speak." Marian assumed an air of virtuous tolerance that caused Maizie Gilbert to eye her with reluctant admiration. She alone knew what her roommate was driving at.

She wished that her suspicions might prove to be unfounded, and that her roommate might be a jolly, open-hearted girl who would like her, and "Well! perhaps you don't know that that is my desk?" snapped a voice suddenly, behind her. Nancy dropped the book, startled.

It fell to Evelyn Ward to show her to her room, as she was to be Evelyn's roommate.

She saw that her roommate was asleep, softly raised the window-shade to let in the moonlight that she loved, and, clad in her simple nightdress, short sleeved and cut low at the neck, seated herself before the mirror to brush her wavy mass of hair, and, as she leaned forward, and it fell about her face, tear bedewed and made almost childlike again by its frame of tumbling curls, she smiled faintly in recollection.

What was it that happened to her? She forgot herself. People had told her to do that before but she couldn't, for she felt that they were watching to see her make the attempt. They called attention to her shyness, her roommate ignored it.

You know it won't stop its racket till somebody stops it or it is run down, and it takes an hour for it to run down after it starts in to ring you up." "By Jawve!" drawled Paulding; "I hawdly think I'd like to have one of the blooming things in my room." "I don't like to have one in my room, but it is absolutely necessary that I do. Hartwick, my roommate, admires it!" The listeners laughed.

Seabrook!" she faltered, "I didn't mean I was only thinking of what I said to Katherine about being a Christian Scientist the day she came here. I told her, very grandly, that I was an Episcopalian, that my grandfather was an Episcopalian clergyman, and I had my doubts about his resting easy in his grave if he knew what a rank heretic I had for a roommate.

She turned to Miss Kean. "Min, would you care to go over to call on my roommate for a few minutes? You'll find some home-made candy which mother sent with Joe Ratowsky. I wish to speak with Landis, and it's really too personal for even you to hear." "Why, certainly! I'll take the gloves along and finish my mending there. But don't quarrel while I'm gone." "Scarcely," was the reply from Landis.

Suicide: early one Sunday morning; early, for girls of their profession, the two girls, Phoebe and her roommate were sitting in their bedrooms in kimonos. "What a nice Sunday," Phoebe had said, looking out at the window. "Jenny," she continued to her roommate, "I have a feeling I'd like to go to church this morning...." Jenny had thought that was rather a queer thing for Phoebe to say....