From the first there had always been between her and her listeners that electrical sympathy which only a certain order of genius seems able to create. Then she sang. Ennison listened, and his eyes glowed. Lady Ferringhall listened, and her cheeks grew pale. Her whole face stiffened with suppressed anger.

My charmed listeners eventually broke into such fits of sobs and laughter, and were so overcome, that we had to give them all shelter for the night their condition making it impossible for them to reach their own homes in safety. On New Year's Day I was again busy with my Favorita.

It is a breach of etiquette to make a quotation in a foreign language and then translate it, thereby giving your listeners to understand that you do not consider them as well informed as yourself. Shakespeare says: "To thine own self be true, And it must follow, as the night the day, Thou canst not then be false to any man." It is a breach of etiquette to contradict any one.

Will, the cobbler, who was fond of coursing, stoutly maintained, to a group of interested listeners in the bar-parlour of the village inn, that she seemed like a donkey when she escaped from his greyhound into the wood.

The expression of anxious interest was fading gradually from the faces of the three listeners, and cheerful anticipation was taking its place. "She forgets everything she promises to do," Amy continued. "It isn't because she's old, either. She's been that way ever since mother can remember. She's always losing things, and getting into the most awful scrapes.

We shall know that in a short time, Mr. Jeorling. At any rate it is the first boat of the year, and we must give it a welcome.” I dressed hurriedly and joined Atkins on the quay, where I found him in the midst of a group engaged in eager discussion. Atkins was indisputably the most considerable and considered man in the archipelago consequently he secured the best listeners.

There will you tell to the astounded listeners, not only the great events of the extinct world, but also the ills they will never know: sickness, old age, grief, egotism, hypocrisy, abhorrent vanity, imbecility, and the rest. The soul, like the earth, will possess an incorruptible tunic. AHASVERUS. I shall gaze ever on the immense blue sky? PROMETHEUS. Behold how beautiful it is.

But once the audience noticed, with sympathetic amusement, her composure was seriously threatened, so that the bird-like notes quavered ominously, and the twin dimples deepened into veritable holes. Claire had caught sight of Great-aunt Jane standing in solitary state at the rear of the throng of listeners, her mittened fingers still plucking, her eyes frosty with disapproval.

As the little people followed the outcome of the royal edict, their interest grew intense, for Polly was a real story-teller, sweeping her listeners along with the narrative until all else was forgotten.

A team cannot pick itself, or it surely would. And this rule may apply to the stage. But by comparison to motion picture performers, stage-actors are their own managers, for they have an approximate notion of how they look in the eye of the audience, which is but the human eye. They can hear and gauge their own voices. They have the same ears as their listeners.