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She was somewhat beyond middle-age, and stoutly, even squarely, built, which gave her a masculine appearance; but she had grown so timid since Miss Kitty's death that when she spoke you felt that either her figure or her manner must have been intended for someone else.

If you would, if you only would, why, at last, you couldn't help liking her!" Again he smiled at her, shaking his head. "I love you, not Marylyn." "You're a good man," she said. "You wouldn't like to see me do anything that wasn't right square. You wouldn't think much of me if I did. I'll do wrong if if I take you from her." "I wouldn't have you do anything wrong," he declared stoutly.

"That is so," said Ashmead, stoutly. "I am a theatrical agent. You can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear. You have tried it more than once, you know, but it would not work." Ashmead amused Vizard, and he took him into his study, and had some more conversation with him. He even asked him to stay in the house; but Ashmead was shy, and there was a theater at Taddington.

But he still stoutly maintained that he had seen these little people, and had actually been in their town; thus making himself the hero of the traditional story, which before and since the time of Herodotus has, with curious persistency, clung to the native mind.

Being a stranger in the land, it seemed as if I could see the future in the present better than if I had been an Englishman; so I questioned with myself how many of these ruddy-cheeked young fellows, marching so stoutly away, would ever tread English ground again.

Handbills, pamphlets, newspapers, partly polemical, partly literary, in which the mob made their statements and professed their faith stoutly; these, although written very badly, yet by their monotony, their angry reproaches, their invocations, reminded one of litanies and psalms. Wilhelm felt a certain sympathy with the movement.

"It was to have been the reward of a service done, and not an earnest, like its fellow, to induce you to undertake the duty." "Ah! you have helped me to the very word I wanted. I fancied it was not in earnest, like the one I got, and so I left the job half finished." "Half finished, scoundrel! you never commenced what you swore so stoutly to perform."

"Oh, well, there are plenty of pleasant times to be had in good old Gridley in the summer time," Dick declared stoutly. "And we shall have our canoe there." While chatting the young people had been walking up through the hotel grounds until now they stood just behind the stone wall that separated the ground from the road.

"Chiefly I grieve because I must leave Melicent behind me, unfriended in a perilous land, and abandoned, it may be, to the malice of those who wish her ill. I was a noted warrior, I was mighty of muscle, and I could have defended her stoutly. But I lie broken in the hand of Destiny. It is necessary I depart into the place where sinners, whether crowned or ragged, must seek for unearned mercy.

'I will let you down if you don't give me the four, says the big rascal. 'Let away, says the small boy, 'I won't give them up. So the young villain let go the plank, and away went the little fellow, holding stoutly on by his little birds.

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